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Co-founder’s Corner

By: Charles Robertson

My introduction to politics began twenty years ago with an organization much like the Tea Party.  The Jaycees were, and still are, a volunteer community service organization which, like the Tea Party, has several local chapters, several dozen state groups, and hundreds of groups nationwide.  Unlike the Tea Party, the JC’s have an organizational hierarchy like our government with local, state, and national elected leaders.  As an insider I got a firsthand look at politics behind the curtain.  It was both eye-opening and disturbing.

The Jaycees were started in the early part of the 20th century to give young people an opportunity to develop business skills by offering them hands on opportunities to develop and run their own community service projects.  Local groups would submit reports on their events and these reports would be judged against others to determine which chapters would win year-end awards at the state convention.  The other all-important judging criteria, was membership, as in which chapters could add the most members.  Getting young people to join a community service organization was a difficult task made even harder by the $50 membership fee.  The methods used to boost membership numbers and win awards was politics at its worst.

Membership often involved using proceeds from events to buy memberships for friends of members who weren’t the least bit interested in membership.  Or they quite simply picked names from the phone book and signed them up.  Writing reports for judging involved finding the right creative writer who could embellish and exaggerate while still maintaining some plausible credibility.  Often these writers were paid for their work, all this for some plaques and trophies.  Amazingly the winners felt proud of their achievements.  No one tried to change the system, because everyone was too busy manipulating it.

Among the hundreds of members, the quest to be the State Leader was intense.  The eventual winners always had one-common-ability.  They weren’t the smartest, most dedicated, or most qualified, but they were the best communicators.  The eventual President was always that individual who knew how to work the crowd, shake the most hands, and deliver a motivating speech.  I learned early on that the challenge of promoting great leaders involved overcoming a system that emphasizes charisma and style over substance.  It’s the same system that elevated an inexperienced, newly elected Senator with a history of voting present, to the most powerful position in the world.

When the Tea Party emerged I finally saw an answer to “the system.”  A grassroots movement whose power was generated by its numbers not by any elected leader.  A movement founded on core values, principles that are the foundation of our country.  Unlike any political group, our Tea Party offers no personal promotion.  Most everyone who joins a Tea Party does so out of concern that our country has gone off course, far away from the limited government and fiscal responsibility that is our heritage.  The power behind a united group of dedicated, principle-driven activists would seem unstoppable if only there were enough of them.

Our priority is clear, “we need to grow in numbers.”  The forces working against us are also clearly defined and formidable; a biased liberal media, a two-party system designed to exclude threats, labor unions, liberal special-interest groups, public apathy, and last but not least our own elected officials who seem intent on growing government and increasing our debt.  To counter and overcome these forces will require real grassroots mobilization.  Our members, the foot soldiers in our movement, need to become promoters and recruiters for the Tea Party.  Each of us needs to be personally responsible for adding at least 1 new member. Success is as simple as this: “grow baby grow”!  Let’s set the example here in Broward County, others will take note and our success and message will spread, which is our plan for victory.


Lee Levin

Lee wants to remind all members, that starting with the March 7th Monthly Meeting we will no longer meet at Total Wine and More. **The Wednesday, March 7th Meeting, and all meetings after, will be at: Walter C Young Community School Theater, 901 N.W. 129th Ave., Pembroke Pines, Fl., 33029.**

BTP Member Straw Poll Results

January 4, 2012 – Gingrich: 28.5%, Santorum: 26%, Paul: 19%, Romney: 12%, Perry: 7%, Huntsman: 5%  (Pre New Hampshire Primary)

December 7, 2011 – Gingrich: 49%, Bachman: 12%, Paul: 10%, Perry: 8%, Romney: 8%, Santorum: 6%, Huntsman: 4%, Johnson: 2%    (Pre Iowa Caucus)

January’s Guest Speaker: Doug Harrison

Doug was born in Jamaica, where he and his parents experienced the negative effects of socialism, first hand. His family immigrated to the United States to escape the political climate of their homeland. Doug grew up in South Florida, attending elementary, middle, and high school, here. He went on to attend the University of Florida, for his undergraduate degree, and the UF Levin College of Law. His background includes being a former Miami-Dade prosecutor, a local law practice, and teaching adults at the college-level about our country at Broward College. Doug also serves as the co-chair of the South Florida Chapter of the Americans for Tax Reform, ATR.

Doug espouses conservative free market, free thought and Edmund Burke ideals. He is extremely concerned with the progressive political climate of local, state, and national politics. He states, “500 to 1000 politicians “rule” the 1.7 million people in Broward County. He wants to make citizens aware of what’s going on and who’s controlling our government. The progressive front is organizing around the country, including here. Awake America, which is the antithesis of the Tea Party movement, is organizing across the nation, in every town, city, and state. Doug wants to educate and inform people of the threat groups like this pose to our rights and self-governance.

A new Florida State House seat, District 104, will be formed when redistricting is finalized. Doug Harrison plans to announce his candidacy for SH 104 District, soon. He will be a candidate in the 2012 Election. “Stay tuned!” Doug is a breath of fresh air on the South Florida political scene. He is young, energetic, and determined to change the face of “politics as usual.”

Committee Reports

Speaker Committee, Lee Levin:

– CNN Money may have BTP take part in a focus group.

– Guest speaker for the Wednesday, February 1st Monthly Meeting, will be Nova Southeastern University Associate Professor of Humanities, Gary Gershman, speaking on the Constitution.

Kris Anne Hall will present her Constitution/Bill of Rights Seminar Saturday, February 4th, hosted by the BTP.

Fl.CD 20 U.S. House of Representatives candidate, Karen Harrington, will celebrate BTP’s 1st Anniversary with us at the Wednesday, March 7th Monthly Meeting.

Planning Committee, Kristin Matheny: PC is working on the details for an After-Primary Rally; need speakers (candidates?)  Also in the works, a 1st Anniversary Picnic for March/April at Vista View Park, Griffin Road and I-75.

Fundraising Committee, Berta Medina: Fundraising dollars will be used to help put the BTP message out; purchase of bumper stickers, door hangers, and new business cards.

Communications, Judith Welker: BTP is very active on Facebook-114 members, FreedomConnector-82 members, and Twitter-685 followers. To sign-up to receive BTP’s new Word Press Newsletter/Blog via email:

Members should reach out and spread the BTP message by sharing links to our Newsletter, Blogs, and event postings. We are also encouraging members to volunteer to work for their candidate(s) of choice; mailings, making phone calls, and walks distributing candidate and voters information. We are a grassroots organization and “boots on the ground” are needed to win back our nation!

Candidate debates, pre-Florida GOP Primary: Jan. 23rd NBC,  Jan. 26th CNN. Times TBA.                                                                                                                                                                     

 **Florida Republican Primary: Vote, January 31, 2012**

Open Forum Discussion:

Members discussed various topics surrounding the  election.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              >How money shapes political opinion                                                                                                                                                                                                   >The importance of the internet in shaping political opinion                                                                                                                                                       >How BTP’s 3 Core Values relate to the presidential candidate’s platforms                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                >A spokesman for the Libertarian Party of Broward County invited interested members to attend monthly meetings held the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at Denny’s restaurant, Oakland Park Blvd. & I-95. Chair, Donald Sheldon, and the Libertarian Party are sponsoring a Get Out the Vote campaign.

Upcoming Events:

Broward Tea Party Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Place: TOTAL WINE & MORE   15980 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, Fl., 33027  

 Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM    **Meeting sign-in and Meet & Greet: 7:00PM to 7:15PM. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30PM.

  Guest Speaker:  Gary Gershman, J.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Humanities (Holocaust Studies, American History, & Constitutional Law) at Nova Southeastern University. Gary will speak on the Constitution.

 *Sign-up for the Saturday, February 4th Kris Anne Hall Constitution Seminar: $25/person includes lunch; make checks  payable to: Broward Tea Party, Inc.; You can also sign-up/purchase tickets via PayPal, on our website (special events link at top of page):           

*Water, sodas, and coffee will be provided. Please, bring a snack or treat to share…Greatly appreciated!

                                BRING A FRIEND, GUESTS MOST WELCOME!

 *Glenn Beck/Mercury One Restoring Love Event, Dallas, Texas – July 26, 27, & 28, 2012. BTP has pre-registered for 50 tickets. The main event cost is $10. Interested people need to bring the $10 ticket fee to the February 1st meeting, or contact: *Further info on the event planning will be forthcoming; STAY TUNED!


Kris Anne Hall Constitution-Bill of Rights Seminar: Saturday, February 4, 2012                  

Place:  TOTAL WINE & MORE   15980 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, Fl.,  33027                                  

Time:   10:00AM to 5:00PM

Cost:   $25/person includes lunch

Sign-up/purchase tickets via PayPal: “special events” link at top of webpage:   Sign-up will also take place at the Feb. 1st Broward Tea Party Monthly Meeting; make checks payable to: Broward Tea Party, Inc. **Cost at the door day of event, $30.


Karen Harrington

Broward Tea Party 1st Anniversary Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Special Guest Speaker: Karen Harrington, 2012 U.S. House of Representatives Candidate, Fl. CD 20. Karen is the GOP opposition to incumbent DNC Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Karen was our first guest speaker March, 2011.

Place:   **Walter C Young Community School Theater   901 N.W. 129th Ave., Pembroke Pines, Fl.,  33028

Time:   7:00PM to 9:00 PM    Sign-in and Meet & Greet:  7:00PM to 7:15PM   Meeting begins:  7:30PM

*Coffee, water, and sodas provided. Please bring a snack or treat to share…Greatly Appreciated!

                                      BRING A FRIEND, GUESTS MOST WELCOME!



Links of Interest

Supervisor of Elections, Broward County, Fl.:

Palm Beach County, Fl. Election Info:

Miami Dade County, Fl. Election Info:

Information and Registration for CPAC 2012 (Thurs., February 9, 2012 – Sat., February 11, 2012, in Washington, D.C.:


Are Human Rights the Same as Natural Rights:

Videos/Find Out Where the Candidates Stand:

New Year’s Resolutions for Conservatives:

Prof. Walter E Williams – Economics of Liberty:

December Imprimis: The Unity and Beauty of the Declaration and the Constitution:

2012 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire:

Conservatives-Remain-Largest-Ideological group:

Hillsdale College: “Markets, Government, and the Common Good”:

A Video History of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution:

Documentary Promo of “Runaway Slave, the Movie:

Broward Tea Party Contact Info:

Go to: for links to our Facebook, Twitter, FreedomConnector, and LibertyLinked group sites and to see our local advertisers. If you would like to advertise your business on our website, “We support those who support us!”

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