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The Action Step: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder, Broward Tea Party

The Action Step

I have a confession to make; ever since I became a political activist my email inbox has been steadily growing and I’ve been steadily deleting more and more mail, unread.  There’s just not enough time, and I can tell from the sources, what’s inside.  Let me emphasize though, “I always read every email from our Broward Tea Party Members.”  I need to filter or I get off track.  The thing is, I’m trying to stay focused on our Tea Party Mission and that’s not easy.  Even members try to steer me and our group in different directions.  Case in point was a Facebook exchange where I was being called out for not publicly endorsing a candidate.  What he really wanted was for me to publically endorse his candidate; just another of many distractions.

Keeping our Tea Party focused on our core values is indeed somewhat like herding cats; so many among us want to tackle a multitude of pressing issues.  We try to accommodate and incorporate everyone’s agenda if it relates to our core values.  Tea Parties lose their effectiveness when they take on too much; the old axiom “divide and conquer,” comes to mind.  Countless multi-media options are the culprit; things were very different just a few decades ago.

Most of us over 50 grew up in homes with one TV and 3 network choices.  At 5:00pm and 11:00pm, we learned about world news and politics because there were no other options available.  Like it or not, we were schooled on current events.  When coverage turned to the political party conventions, everyone in the family, young and old, tuned in.  Your only choice was whether to watch on ABC, NBC, or CBS.  Amazingly, the news coverage was much the same on all three networks, real news reporting with no spin.  This environment cultivated the last generation that would grow into adulthood with a basic knowledge and appreciation for our political system.  Today, our current political condition is a product of younger voters who lack the understanding and perspective to make informed choices; sound bites and slogans rule the day.   Our plight is compounded by a negligent press.  Thomas Jefferson understood this when he said, Wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government… 

The average American today, I’m sad to say, is ill informed, uninterested, distracted, and undeserving of the liberties they enjoy.  That’s a strong statement and I stand behind every word of it!  The price of liberty is constant vigilance and a civic duty to understand and act on the issues of our times.  Tea Partiers understand this responsibility and have created this movement explicitly to foster activism. Our emergence is a reaction to the prevailing apathy, a counterweight to the dead weight that is dragging us down as a nation.  The remedy for our national malaise is for you, our Tea Party leaders to become effective promoters of our cause.  Before I joined the Tea Party, I was aware of our country’s serious financial crisis, but since joining I‘ve learned so much more.  Many outside our movement who are unaware would take action only when they were shown and understood the depth of our crisis.

To be the effective promoter that our cause requires, demands commitment and follow-through.  The Broward Tea Party was organized to provide fellow patriots the means to fight back. Our first year was all about establishing our base camp; building our forces and preparing for the action that was about to begin.  Our second year will be all about delivering results!  Tuesday, November 6, 2012, will be the day of results.  On this day, we learn what direction our country is headed; we will learn whether or not we did enough to achieve the results we wanted.  I hope and pray that this is a day of celebration for us, but that has to be earned.  To earn that celebration we have to put forth our time, our talent, and a willingness to serve.  Victory starts with our plan of action that unfolds at our meetings.  We provide the training, the funding, the plan, and the motivation.  You provide the boots on the ground effort, the commitment, and follow-through.  If enough fellow patriots answer the call, the celebration will be secured and well earned.

Charles Robertson                                                                  


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3 thoughts on “The Action Step: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder, Broward Tea Party

  1. Thank you, Charles, for once again so eloquently guiding us to focus our attention on the prize: a restored nation!

  2. Frank denninger on said:

    I agree with everything said Charles.
    The Presidential election is one thing and rightfully at the top of the list but after that is over the real work begins so as to hopefully keep the BTP together, motivated and coordinated to take action on issues we choose address.
    Many lost or soon to be lost freedoms can regained or prevented from being lost with precision participation in government rule making processes especially at the Federal level.
    I can and will help educate our army how to do this if BTP desires and chooses to engage in those type issues.
    Examples of the type issues I am speaking of are State and Federal large acreage management planning processes such as the Headwaters project some BTP’ers commented on last year. Others issues adopted could involve the 20+ BILLION dollar Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), Scenic Hiway designations should they arise designed to remove local elected officials from the decision making process regarding them by transferring it to a small APPOINTED special interest group, South Florida Water Management District issues, seeking discontinuation of certain Cooperative Agreements between State and Federal agencies that skirt around the US Constitution such as Endangered Species Act, Section 6 Cooperative Agreements offered to State agencies by Federal Agencies in return for money given by the Feds to States.
    Onward and upward is our direction.

    Frank Denninger

  3. Mike Henry on said:

    Here, here, Charles…..continue to do your work. You are a gem !

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