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Community Organizing Gone Global: Democrats will register anyone outside the US as long as they are members of Democrats Abroad

By: Sandra Snyder, U.S. Citizen, Resident of the Republic of Panama, Radio Talk Show Host and Writer

In the President’s speeches, as he has traveled around the Latin American region in recent months, he has often referenced the importance of the Latin American vote. First reaction to this statement would be that he is referring to people of Latin American heritage who are now American citizens living in the US or perhaps abroad.  But, this seemed like a strange topic for him to address in a foreign country.  Who votes in a US election is not of paramount interest to those abroad.  They would be more interested in other issues relating directly to them.  That is, unless you consider the recent announcement of a Global Primary to be held by the Democrat Party on May 6. 

 A little research of the Democrats Abroad International website and those of affiliate members around the world confirm this.


The Democrats Abroad 2012 Global Presidential Primary (hear after to be called Global Primary) and Regional Delegate Election will be held during the period from May 1 to 6, 2012.  Voting will be done in person at Country Committee Voting Centers or by an absentee ballot upon request.  Requests for an absentee ballot must be made no later than April 30, 2012 to a Regional Vice-Chair.  Members can vote by email, fax or mail.    

 It also raises a number of questions and a possible answer to why the President is speaking to Latin Americans in foreign countries about elections in the US.  Country Committee Voting Centers sounds much like community organizing.  Perhaps a broader range of potential voters exists in this expanded region than previously imagined.  In these countries Membership in the Democrats Abroad may be the determining factor for voter eligibility rather than citizenship of the US or state affiliation.  Again quoting from the web site: Democrats Abroad Guide to 2012 Global Primary & Regional Delegate Elections

 5.1 The Registration Procedure

When a Voter arrives, their membership should be checked at the Registration Table before they are given a Ballot….  On the Ballot the Voter is to print out his / her name, address, country and region.

 The Ballot also calls for the voter to sign a Party Pledge of Support and a Certification Statement that he / she has not voted in another Presidential Primary.   If the would-be voter is not a member of Democrats Abroad but is eligible to become a member (i.e., is an US citizen, of age and a resident of the geographical area for which the Voting Center is being operated), he / she should be given a new membership application. When complete the Voter’s citizenship and a local address needs to be verified with by additional documentation (passport, utility bill, driver’s license, etc.)  If verification cannot be completed, the Voting Center Manage has the option of allowing the Voter to receive a provisional ballot later to be verified.

 Further, in recent years there has been an effort to move the voter registration process to the Federal Voting Assistance Program, FVAP – further and further removing the voter from the State.  Each year more states comply with the Federal rules for voting.  In the past a representative of FVAP has visited various countries to train voter registrars from the community and the Embassy.  This year in Panama, for example, it was stated that this would not be necessary as so few members of the community actually took advantage of the program.  Note that those few were historically representatives for the Republicans and members of the Embassy. 

 Further, this voter assistance program requires participants to register all comers regardless of party and make all voter registration events open to all – not be a party affiliated event. 

 A review of the Democrat’s Abroad Global Primary website in light of recent campaign speeches made in the region raises many questions about the President’s objective.  Especially in light of illegal immigration and moves to afford rights of citizens to those not entitled.  It would appear that voting in the Democrat Global Primary is possible simply by being a member of the Democrats Abroad and that can be accomplished by joining, even at the final moment of actually voting.

 The light has now been shown on these issues.  Next they need to be studied under a microscope. 


“Eyes Wide Open”, Blog by Kristin Matheny- #5 “Work Like a Dog”

“Eyes Wide Open” by Kristin Matheny


“Work Like a Dog”

I once heard that Womanhood meant “looking like a girl, acting like a lady, thinking like a man, and working like a dog”. Essentially, the role is really four roles in wrapped up in one, very frazzled package, at least in most cases. Most of us let bits and pieces of that go over the years. We get age spots, we discover eye bags that weren’t there the previous morning. We cease to look like the peachy, fresh-faced “girls” we once were. We try to maintain the manners our own mothers taught us, but there are moments when we become so frustrated that what slips out is a meaningful tirade, spiced with f-bombs and other unsavory four-letter words…and we fail to act like ladies. The “thinking like a man” part seems like it would streamline aspects of our lives until we realize that, sometimes, it’s just easier to think like ourselves.

It’s the “work like a dog” part that never changes. That usually stays the same, and it usually begins to carry more weight once we become mothers.

Now, I certainly don’t downplay anyone’s role in the family. My husband, God bless him, works himself to the bone. He always has. He drove himself with sheer willpower (and sometimes double espressos) through law school, the guy passed the Florida Bar exam on the first try. He toiled for years earning almost nothing as a Miami-Dade prosecutor, and then risked it all by starting his own practice a few years ago. He worries endlessly about money, about being able to support his family, and about being able to give us what we need in spite of this dismal economic outlook. It’s because he “holds up his end of the bargain” that I’m able to choose to stay home with our 18 month-old son.

That’s right. I said “choose”.

I understand that it is a privilege to be able to watch my son grow, but just because it is a privilege does not mean that it is easy…or less exhausting. In fact, at the end of a typical weekday evening, I find myself twice as likely to collapse on the bed with barely a “goodnight, sweetheart” to my husband. Being a good stay-at-home mother requires a lot more time, patience, back-bending, and creativity than anyone who has never had the job could imagine. While my husband is the “C.F.O.” of our family, I’ve had to step into the role of “C.E.O.’, making decisions and planning schedules on less sleep than I’ve ever had in my life. But, for us, it’s the right choice, it’s the right decision for our family. For some women, that choice does not exist. Those of us who choose to stay home (and are able to do so) should be paying attention to what’s been going on in the left-wing media as of late.

I’m partially referring to the ridiculous comments made by Hilary Rosen, aimed at Mitt Romney and Ann Romney- or perhaps, more directly, women like Ann Romney who have chosen to stay home with their children. For anyone who missed Ms. Rosen’s comments (on CNN? NBC? MSNBC? Does it even matter, they’re all the same, frankly), here is precisely what she said, none of it altered or taken out of context:

“His wife has actually never worked a day in her life she’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids? How do we send them to school? And why we worry about their future?”

Now, to be fair, she clarified later on Wolf Blitzer’s show that the comments were meant to be rhetoric on Mitt Romney’s knowledge (or lack thereof, according to her) on the economic situation of “women in the country today”…but is that really the message here?

Okay, as a stay-at-home mom, I’m deeply offended by ANYONE who makes light of this job, just like I would be offended if someone bashed working mothers who had no choice but to retain their jobs in order to feed and clothe their kids. It’s ridiculous and insensitive. I know some fellow moms have called this “just another attack on the family”, but let’s see if we can dig a little deeper to see what’s really going on here.

If you think this is just about stay-at-home moms, families, or Ann Romney, then you’re missing the point.

Yes, I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I’m first and foremost a PATRIOT mom.

I’m not some luncheon-planning lady who stays home “baking cookies and having tea”, as Hillary Clinton so delicately summed up her idea of this job in 1992, furthering that favorite leftie stereotype of women, like me, not fulfilling our “goals” or understanding our “responsibility to further some backwards form of feminism”. Sure, it pisses me off. It absolutely pisses me off. But what pisses me off even more than this clear feministic agenda is the fact that the Left will stop at nothing to persecute success.

What’s being attacked now, ladies and gentlemen, is not the family structure, or the role of a woman (please, that’s totally played out these days)- it’s the financial success and stability of the family that is under scrutiny. The ability of a woman- or a man for that matter- to choose to stay home means, inevitably, that the family can remain economically solvent without two incomes. Therefore, the success is being punished, picked on, and vilified.

Is it a coincidence that this comment (and its ardent left-wing blogosphere defenses) come at a time when the most pressing issues on the presidential election table are issues that relate to increasing taxes on businesses and the so-called “wealthy” (nevermind that “wealthy” in President Obama’s mind means “able to sustain a family and pay your mortgage and bills” despite the crippling debt he’s amassed and the business-unfriendly atmosphere he’s single-handedly created), altering the current college loan system, instituting a health care system that will socialize medicine and increase the already insane health care budget x3, and demonically fabricating the general socialistic notion that we “lucky ones” should have to foot the bill for everyone else? They create socialistic, mindless minions…who continue to give them power through votes.

You’d better believe this is JUST how Fidel Castro did it. And Lenin. And Stalin. (Oh, and I’m sorry about the run-on sentence up there, but I couldn’t help it…my intense distaste for Barack Obama sometimes clouds my thoughts/ability to produce gramatically-correct writings.)

If “lucky” means never having an inheritance and having worked my butt off in high school, college, and graduate school, scrapping and saving every dime to ensure that we could buy a home in a good neighborhood and give our son the kind of life he and every American kid deserves…then, by all means, call me “lucky”! Of course, what separates people like us- patriots- from the rest of America is that we just thought that was what we were supposed to do.

And you’d better believe that this calculated little “jab” at Ann Romney was meant to paint a grossly cartoonish picture of Mitt Romney in some ivory tower, with no sense of mainstream America. Sure, the guy is immensely successful. He was not my first choice for the ballot in November, but let me tell you, with his soon-approaching nomination, I’ve become intensely defensive of him. He is where he is because he’s smart, he’s savvy, he’s capable…and conservatives do not choose, like their liberal counterparts, to downplay or reprimand him for his success. Instead, we celebrate it. Ann Romney stayed home because she had five children to raise, all the while battling life-threatening illnesses and standing by her husband’s side. Their family’s success, both professionally and privately, is a testament to the fact that, up until now, MOST Americans looked to protect “The American Dream”- whatever that meant to whoever tried to attain it. For most of us, that meant raising a happy family and working hard. It meant, for many women, being able to stay home (or not!) without the black cloud of “feminism” hovering overhead, some Hilary Rosen-esque voice from the sky telling us that our choice was a bad one.

Phyllis Schlafly, one of my favorite conservative ladies, has commented extensively on the role of women, noting that it should be a woman’s choice to work in an office, just as it “should be a woman’s choice to work in the household”. But, more than that, “this is not about women…this is about punishing success, the financial stability that allows us to make that choice, not have it made for us”.

In a society where the Left is doing whatever they can to make us feel sorry, to have us pay our “penance” for earning a decent living, rest assured that people we look up to (Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, etc.) are turning over in their graves! What’s fair is not always right, and clearly, it is neither in this instance. It may seem unfair to some that people like Ann Romney get to have the option of staying home to raise a family (why, I don’t know). But how about having that decision forcefully made for you? How about not being able to ever be financially solvent? How about kissing the “American Dream” goodbye?

If you insist on spreading the wealth, then what is to become of what little success most of us have mustered?

If we continue to punish successful families, what do our children have to look forward to? Why even bother giving them incentives, or telling them of that “American Dream” we’d all once looked forward to achieving?

It is true that we women must continue to “work like dogs”, but so must all Americans, and more importantly, so must we patriots. We aren’t “lucky”.  Don’t let them fool you. Most of us don’t have trust funds waiting for us, most of us don’t have “golden parachutes”. Shoot, most of us have never had the luxury of free time in order to “bake cookies and have teas”.  Instead, I propose that people like Hilary Rosen and Hillary Clinton, and any other socialistic “wolves in sheep’s clothing” out there take heed of the fact that the numbers of us who have “worked like dogs our whole lives” have grown under this presidency, and we will continue to work like dogs to protect our freedom and our success.

For us women, it’s just that much more important. We’re the primary group under attack, no matter what any liberal tells us. WE’RE the ones who will suffer first, and as a result, our families will suffer. And I’ll be damned if it ever comes to that…

…even if that means having to forego “acting like a lady”.

If it means dropping a few four-letter words, so be it. I’m that mad.

Broward Tea Party April, 2012 Newsletter

“On Matters of Principle…Stand Like A Rock”

                                                                                                                                                – Thomas Jefferson

April 4th  Meeting Recap

Cofounder Charles Robertson:

Presented part 2 of his “Selling the Tea Party” series (please read part 1 and 2 of his series here on the BTP Wordpress blog site under Recent Posts). Our job is to promote our “3 Core Values: Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets.” To “sell” the Tea Party, we as members should take every opportunity to promote and encourage the participation of family members, “tea party friendly” friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Use your sphere of influence to bring in new members and to encourage others into activism. The Tea Party message is “vital” to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. * Sponsors and members Jorge and Berta Medina (Title Professionals of South Florida and Pan American Marble & Stone Company) donated several copies of “How to Master the Art of Selling”, by Tom Hopkins, to the BTP library.            


Guest Speaker: Marielena Stuart, Candidate U. S. Senate.   

Marielena presents herself as the “authentic” conservative candidate. She is a blogger and an activist who says that socialism and communism are the biggest threats to America. Agenda 21, the UN’s sustainable development program, is the international push toward socialism/communism across the globe. Agenda 21 is a Marxist collectivist world movement. It is a public/private partnership that is unconstitutional yet, many federal, state, and local governments are proposing and implementing it. Marielena’s platform includes putting the brakes on Agenda 21, curbing China’s influence on the US economy, and stopping the push for “Sharia Law” in our courts. For more information on Marielena and her campaign, please visit her website

Special Treat:

BTP was treated to the premier of Co-founder and resident Grammy award-winning musician, Lee Levin’s new musical group, “The Voters”. Lee and his team of professional musicians and songwriters have been working since the end of 2011 to write and record patriotic and politically-themed music and songs. Three songs were performed: “It’s You” (Blame it on Bush), “Leading from Behind”, and “America’s Coming Back”. The membership was asked to vote for a favorite to be released as a single. An album will be released nationally, at a later date. All three songs were exceptional! The meeting was energized by the music and songs………. Thank you Lee and “The Voters”, we can’t wait for the single and album to be released.                      

The latter part of the meeting was devoted to a “group planning” session led by Co-founder Charles Robinson. Eight groups were formed to brainstorm ideas on the following subjects: Activism, Making an Impact, Tea Party Group Size, Spreading the Tea Party Message, Innovative Fund-raising, Recruiting Strategy, and What Value comes from the Tea Party Group Experience.       

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

American Majority 2012 Training of Florida Conservatives   

Broward County            Cost: $15 per trainee

– Thursday, April 26: 6:30pm to 9:00pm at the American Legion 1620 West State Road 84  #2 Ft Lauderdale.

The Grassroots Activist Training Seminar includes:

• Interactive presentations from American Majority staff

• The opportunity to network with other liberty-minded people

• A complimentary resource guidebook full of material designed to further assist trainees

Topics to be covered:

Community Organizers for Freedom: Finding New Leaders, Increasing Transparency, & Finding the Votes

Patriots 2.0 – understanding New Media – Facebook, Twitter

Hardwiring Your Precinct – how to strategically target door knocking in your community

Instant Activism: Everything You Need to Know to Get Involved at the Local Level

Upon completion of the seminar, attendees will receive continuing education materials, access to podcasts and other presentations, communications curriculum, and suggestions to help them utilize think-tank resources.

Street Corner Rally Project


Broward Tea Party Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Price Foley, the Institute for Justice Chair in Constitutional Litigation and Professor of Law at Florida International University (FIU). She will be discussing her new book: “The Tea Party: Three Principles”.

 Also Speaking is Ozzie DeFaria, District 20/23 candidate for US House of Representatives.

*Place:  **Total Wine & More 15980 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, Fl., 33027

*Time:  7:00pm to 9:00pm

*Sign-in and Meet & Greet: 7:00pm-7:15pm Meeting begins promptly at 7:30pm

*Coffee, water, and sodas will be provided. Please bring a snack or treat to share…greatly appreciated!

Please Note Change of Venue



SWBRO – South-West Broward Republican Organization: Monday, May 7, 2012

SWBRO is one of many local Broward County Chartered Republican Clubs. We serve, primarily, the communities of Miramar, Pembroke Pines, SW Ranches and parts of several contiguous communities. Guests are welcome; Registered Republicans to join.

Place: Walter C Young “Now Playing” Community School Theater 901 N.W. 129th Ave., Pembroke Pines, Fl., 33028 (from I-75 exit East on Pines Blvd. then turn left onto 129th Ave. At first right on 129th Ave., turn in and follow SWBRO signs to parking lot and meeting.

Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm Sign-in, Social: 7:00pm-7:30pm Meeting Begins: 7:30pm

*Info Website:


Broward County Libertarian Party Meeting: Wednesday, May 9 2012

Place: Denny’s Diner corner of Oakland & Powerline Rd. (1 block east of I-95)

Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm     

Contact: Donald Sheldon, chairman:  mail to  or call (866)511-8398.


BREC – Broward Republican Executive Committee: Monday, May 21, 2012

Place: Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek 555 West Cypress Creek Rd., Fort Lauderdale, Fl., 33309 (West of I-95 between Cypress Creek Rd. West and Powerline Rd.)

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm Sign-in for Members – *Guests may attend and sign-in. 7:00pm-Meeting starts promptly, doors are shut! **as a member of BREC, you become your own Precinct Captain/or Alternate.

*Info Website


  Links of Interest

– Supervisor of Elections, Broward County, Fl.:

– Palm Beach County, Fl. Election Info:

– Miami Dade County, Fl. Election Info:

US Government and the Constitution-Basics Everyone Should Know:

Obamacare and Women, the Truth:

Constitutional Sheriffs:

All Things Government Links:

Obamacare’s Bundle of Budget Gimmicks:

Ways to Use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Against Liberals:

Heritage Guide to the Constitution:

2008 Market Collapse: Financial Terrorism:

What’s Become of the Tea Party?

3 Constitutional Principles That Make The Tea Party Tick:

Broward Tea Party Contact Info:

Go to:  for links to our Facebook, Twitter, FreedomConnector, and LibertyLinked group sites and to see our local advertisers. If you would like to advertise your business on our website: “We support those who support us!”

We are now on Meetup:

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Selling The Tea Party, Part II: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder Broward Tea Party

This blog is part II on “Selling the Tea Party.”  If you haven’t read part 1 then stop after this sentence, go back and read part I first, then come back.  You wouldn’t want someone to watch The Godfather Part II then watch Part I, there’s a logical sequence here.  OK now that you’ve read Part I, you understand what we’re selling; now let me share why it is so important that you take on this sales role.

 I recently watched the Kirk Cameron movie Monumental and it was all that I expected.  The movie itself was indeed monumental.  Everyone I spoke to agreed that they learned about our true pilgrim history, learned how revisionist historians have ignored our spiritual roots, and finally we learned how we can get back on the course our forefathers laid out for us.  The answers will be coming soon in the form of more “monumental” movies, books, training material, etc.  Capitalism is alive and well and that’s fine if it gets people to take action. If the items I just mentioned were available at the theatre I’m sure they would have sold well, but then what?  How does that change our economy, our political system, our future?  Knowledge without a practical application is like money sitting in a bank when it’s needed for food.  The people who needed to watch that movie are not the ones who showed up.  Likewise those of us who attend our Tea Party meetings are not the ones who most need to hear our message. 

Our fellow under-informed, distracted, complacent, disgruntled voters are not hearing the Tea Party message because no one is bringing the message to them.  The message is being delivered by FOX News, talk radio, and various conservative outlets but that’s preaching to the choir.  The voters we seek to reach are the fence sitting, undecided independents, the youth, the elderly, and the half-hearted not sure I’m a liberal, liberal.  Most of these voters are not tuned in to the aforementioned conservative outlets.  When they do take the time to pursue political information they’re getting it from all the wrong sources which underscores the important sales role we need to undertake.  As the saying goes…”If not us who, if not now, when?”

Okay, so you’re onboard, good; Let’s learn how to do this the right way.  The first lesson is that sales time is all the time.  Opportunities will often come when least expected and we need to have our sales radar on 24/7.  Remember, we only need to sell a bite of the enchalada, getting someone to attend our meeting.  Once they attend, it becomes our job to sell the whole enchilada – political activism.  Our foot in the door often comes when others are complaining about…. and you can fill in the blank.  A complaint calls out for a solution and there’s your opening.   Our Tea Party movement is the solution for most of what ails our country; it’s all in the way we sell it.

The common misconception about sales is that it mostly involves smooth talking.  True sales pros know that listening is the key.  The strategy is to question your target until you’ve defined and reached agreement on the problem or need.   Then you’re on to selling the solution to the problem or need.  The solution is joining a larger group that is fighting the same problem or fulfilling the same need your target has.  This stage involves preparing your responses to the various objections that will surely come.  “I don’t have the time…the system is broken and it’s fruitless to try…I’m not an activist…I avoid politics…we’re outnumbered,” and the list goes on.  You need to have responses ready to overcome these and other objections. 

Once all objections are overcome, you’re ready to create the selling climate which involves stirring emotions.    After you’ve addressed the final objection, ask how they feel about a recent hot topic such as the GSA scandal.  That will get them emotionally involved and set the stage for the action step.  After they share their frustration or anger, you simply agree and then that leads to closing the sale which might go like this:  YOU – “I agree our government has gotten out of control.  There are a lot of people who are fighting back and I’m one of them.  Why don’t you join me at the next Broward Tea Party Meeting in (X) weeks, we can make a difference?”  Make sure you extend this invitation with enthusiasm, like you just invited them to Disney World.  Remember this is new to them and there’s a natural reluctance to overcome which you can easily do by sharing your enthusiasm.  You’ve just invited them on your team, you’ve given them a chance to become empowered, and you’ve offered them an opportunity to become stronger, better citizens.  You should be proud of yourself; you have the courage to back your convictions.  If enough of us step forward to recruit others, our Broward Tea Party and our movement can’t help but succeed.  Thanks to you!

The Impact of Obamacare on My Healthcare Insurance, By: A Concerned Citizen

For 20 years, I have had an excess major medical plan underwritten by the United States Life Insurance Company in New York City. The plan provides that I pay the first $25,000 of medical expenses and the insurance company pays 100% of the excess. Since I am a senior, over age 65, I pay for and receive the usual Medicare health care benefits. Today, it is very easy to exceed the $25,000 threshold with a heart bypass or similar serious surgery. Payments by Medicare qualify for the $25,000 threshold. Thereafter, the plan pays 100% of my medical expenses.

 All of us have heard Pres. Obama tell us that under Obamacare, I will be able to continue to have my relationships with my doctors and hospitals. I recently received from United States Life an explanation of the impact of OBAMACARE (patient protection and affordable care act) on my excess major medical plan. United States Life tells me that my excess medical plan is a grandfathered health plan. They also tell me that any change that I make in the plan, such as an increase or decrease in my amount of the cash deductible of $25,000, will destroy my grandfathered status. This results in a termination of my excess major medical plan and my only other choice is the OBAMACARE government single payor plan (otherwise known as socialized medicine)

The written material from United States Life, states that as a grandfathered plan, my excess major medical plan may NOT accept new enrollees. Obviously, without new enrollees, gross income from premium payments will decline over time and US Life will terminate my plan. This termination process will speed up because my plan is now required to cover dependent children to age 26 and at this point the insurance company will not increase premiums. There are additional provisions mandated by Obamacare that will definitely soon cause premium increases, and if premium increases are not allowed by Obamacare, United States Life will very likely terminate my plan.

OBAMACARE removes one half trillion (500 billion) dollars from Medicare. With the loss of $500 billion in Medicare payments, I will be required to pay, out of my own pocket, approximately 1/2 of my $25,000 deductible. If I decide, for my own reasons, that I cannot pay $12,500 more for my health insurance, I will not satisfy my deductible. I will then be required to cancel my excess major medical plan, and will be forced into OBAMACARE socialized medicine.





Broward Tea Party “SEND ‘EM PACKING” Street Rally: Saturday, April 14, 2012 “Let’s Send Debbie WassermanSchultz & Barack Obama Packing!”

Broward Tea Party “SEND ‘EM PACKING” Street Rally: Saturday, April 14, 2012 “Let’s Send Debbie WassermanSchultz & Barack Obama Packing!”

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