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“Eyes Wide Open”, Blog by Kristin Matheny- #7 “Confessions of a Suburban Mom” 8/20/2012

“Eyes Wide Open” by Kristin Matheny


“Confessions of a Suburban Mom”

My son loves Legos. He loooooves his Legos. Rarely does a day go by when I’m not hunched over, picking up a million Legos that he’s strewn aside because they didn’t fit into whatever architectural masterpiece he’s constructing on the family room floor. Occasionally the dogs get to them before I do, which is fine by me because I’d gladly let them chew on a Lego quietly than risk stepping on it while barefoot…

(…have you ever stepped on a Lego while barefoot? I swear, any other pain pales by comparison!)

Anyways, about a week ago, a neighbor stopped by to give us some mail that had been accidentally delivered to her.  (By the way, it was not Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve made no secret about the fact that we just recently bought the house that is eleven houses down the street from hers. I doubt she’d be so neighborly.)

So I invited my neighbor in to see “what we’ve done with the place”, which I assured her wasn’t much since most of our furniture hasn’t arrived yet. She noticed my son on the floor, building a huge Lego tower and smiled.

“My kids used to play with those all the time, they’re the greatest.” She looked wistfully at him. “I’ll bet he’ll be an architect someday.”

I smiled back. An architect! How exciting, the prospect of my son doing something so cool! He could take me to the sites of his freshly-designed skyscrapers! I watched him build with his little Legos with a new sense of pride.

“Let’s hope this economy turns around a little before he graduates from architecture school”, I said. “It’s not an easy time for people in the building industry”.

She nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it’s not an easy time for anyone right now.”

Such a simple truth got me thinking about the differences in what we’re hearing from both “camps” during this volatile campaign season.

Last week, I was listening to one of my favorite people, El Rushbo himself, when he started in on Andrea Mitchell’s comments that “Paul Ryan is not a pick for suburban moms”. Rush Limbaugh is always dead-on in my book, so I didn’t even bother to research the quote, since he actually played it, unedited, on his show. On the heels of Romney’s VP pick of Paul Ryan, Andrea Mitchell went on (and on and on) about how Ryan, a practicing Catholic from the deepest reaches of the Midwest, was pro-life. How horrible that was! How he didn’t understand women’s issues! How he and Mitt Romney are “deaf” to the needs and hopes of American women- especially (that classic clichéd playing card of the Left- gasp!) “suburban moms”.

Now, here’s the thing. I am a suburban mom. I do the whole “suburban mom” thing. I know that the last issues on my mind, personally, are abortion and contraception…but then again, I’m not exactly in the demographic that MSNBC caters to.

I remembered the conversation I had with our neighbor, how she commented that everyone was having a rough time right now, some more than others. She was completely correct. I don’t know one single person that hasn’t been affected by the economy, by this joke of a presidency, by the raising of taxes, by this Administration’s repeated attempts (and Senate’s overwhelming approval) to drill into Medicare and Social Security (no matter what they say in order to secure the vote this November, ahem) to pay for their failed policies.

Then I thought, how DARE Andrea Mitchell speak for people like me- “me” being a woman and a “suburban mom” (I fully expect to be nailed by the Left for calling myself that). How DARE the Left chalk “women’s issues” up to contraception and abortion…as if that is all we care about!

Not to sound crude, but am I a walking uterus? I guess to liberals, that’s exactly what we are, and that’s exactly what we should care about.

And no liberal women out there see the blatant hypocrisy in this? The Democratic Party, which supposedly “champions” women’s issues and condemns Republicans and conservative people in general (like me) for “hating women” and waging a “war on women” (oh, by FAR my favorite phrase used in this campaign)…they submit, for our approval, the belief that “women’s issues” and the issues women care most about are the ability to abort a child and the ability to more easily obtain birth control.

Um. Huh?

Andrea Mitchell, are you seriously so blind that you cannot see that the issues affecting our nation today AREN’T “Women’s issues” or “Black issues” or “Hispanic issues” or “Muslim issues” or “Jewish issues” or whatever group you want to attach “issues” to. The only issues, and I mean the ONLY issues we’re facing, are issues we face as a NATION.

The last time I checked, the biggest problem we had in this country was our pitiful economy and the fact that we have a President (bolstered by a Democrat-led Senate)- the only one, by the way- who has failed to pass a budget. 1200 days, no budget! Failing to cut government spending! Irresponsible bail outs! Continuing to tap into our resources, which no longer exist, essentially bleeding programs like Medicare dry! And this guy has the nerve to publish campaign claims that Republicans are the ones who plan to “push Granny over the cliff”? Barack Obama and his fellow liberals in Congress have done NOTHING to support economic turnaround. Instead, he’s outspent every previous president, making a bad economy worse. Oh, and let’s also consider the fact that this President hasn’t met with his jobs council in over six months. Yes, let’s consider that.

Those issues affect everyone, and they are the biggest issues that any of us face.

The last time I checked,  the economy was a “women’s issue”. It was also a racial issue, a religious issue, a (name your group) issue…because it affects every single person who lives, breathes, and pays taxes in this country. (Of course, it affects those who don’t pay taxes, too- but they’re happy about it, oh so happy about it!)

For three years, I’ve watched many, MANY friends and family members lose jobs, default on loans, have cars repossessed, sit by helplessly as their homes fall into the pit of foreclosure. My husband’s law firm is directly affected by the economy- people don’t hire private defense attorneys when they can’t pay them.

The last time I checked, it wasn’t just one group- or even one demographic overwhelmingly- that fell victim to this abysmal economy and this pitiful job market.  That was a “women’s issue” too, since that affected quite a few women, at least from where I’m sitting.

It’s not just about the economy, either. What about health care? Good luck finding a doctor now that Obamacare has begun its trickling effects. If left as is, it’ll just continue to stink worse and worse, rotting away at our well-being AS A NATION. Everyone I know goes to a doctor, goes to specialists, goes to hospitals.  Everyone, no matter what group they identify with. Andrea Mitchell, you think women are the only ones that go to doctors, too? For the sole purpose of obtaining abortions and birth control pills, I’m sure that’s what you think.

(I’m the opposite of a woman trying to obtain an abortion and free condoms. I’m five months pregnant with our second child! And, for crying out loud, our insurance carrier dropped maternity coverage since the birth of our first son. No coverage whatsoever! We tried shopping around, NOTHING! I point-blank asked my OB-GYN why no one carries maternity insurance anymore and he said, without hesitation, “Obamacare. No one can afford the hassle and cost of a government health care mess”. I’m not joking!!!)

How about the “race card” that Obama and his cronies so desperately love to play? Or the “age card”. They love to pander to the youth and minorities of this country. Shoot, that’s how he won the 2008 election, let’s face it. My entire generation was swept up like teenagers in love with this guy, blindly flocking to voting sites to cast their ballots for Barack Obama and other Lefties in Washington. How are they not offended that they’re being pandered to, that they are being singled out as people that subscribe to these issues that aren’t nearly as immediate or impactful as the huge issues that affect EVERYONE? How selfish.

Andrea Mitchell is dead wrong. So is Barack Obama, as is Nancy Pelosi, as is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, as is every single person that plays right into the Left’s marginalization of every single group of people in the United States. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled at all. Don’t assume that gay people ONLY care about gay marriage, and black people ONLY care about racial issues, and women ONLY care about reproductive concerns. I’m not saying these issues aren’t valid- they most certainly are- but how could anyone be so irresponsible as to attempt to garner votes this way? How are people not offended?

The saddest part is, it’s worked for years. There’s not a shred of racism in my bones, but I would proudly proclaim to anyone who asked that the biggest issues that should be concerning voters of every color, gender, economic status, religion, and demographic are liberty and the economy. Our Constitution maintains our well-being. The economy sustains our way of life. Until we have a president that respects liberty enough and cares about the economy enough to restore our nation, we are sunk. Until closed-minded, irresponsible people like Andrea Mitchell understand this, we will be buried alive by these marginalizing issues, failing to see the dire consequences that wait for us in the too-near future.

I hope my son becomes an architect someday. Or a lawyer. Or a military man. Or a teacher. Or, if my dreams come true, the second coming of Ronald Reagan! He should keep playing with Legos. He should keep learning and growing, and we should all do everything possible to ensure that he and his friends actually have a free nation and a stable economy in which to attain these dreams. That starts in November when we elect people who actually have private sector experience and have not been raised in the living rooms of communistic professors, led into battle by bad campaign strategists who advocate using the oldest, easiest, most pathetic ploys: the race card, the gender card, the religion card.

Oldest tricks in the book. I’m just left wondering how many people read “said book”, and how many fools are going to fall for it all over again.


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