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“Twenty-Five Reasons I Will Not Vote for Barack Obama in November”

“Eyes Wide Open” by Kristin Matheny


“Twenty-Five Reasons I Will Not Vote for Barack Obama in November”

1. I believe in thinking with my brain and loving with my heart…not the other way around.

2. I believe that this election is about two issues: the economy and Obama’s performance. Any other issues that are brought into the forefront are ridiculous distractions, and anyone that falls for this silly ruse is equally ridiculous.

3. I believe I see right through rhetoric.

4. I believe in expecting action from the people we elect to office.

5. I believe that “Women’s Issues” are the same issues that affect every American at any given time: the economy, jobs, education, private sector growth, taxes, health care. Assuming that all I care about are my reproductive organs is purely offensive. I am not a walking uterus, and the fact that liberals believe that this is what I should care about infuriates me.

6. In these times, I believe the role of government is to step aside.

7. I believe the less hands that touch the money, the better.

8. I believe that saying that Republicans are declaring a “War on Women” is hilariously hypocritical considering that the Obama campaign has accepted $1 million from Bill Maher, one of the most misogynistic people in the public eye.

9. I believe that standing up for any group means that you stand up for all members of that group. Declaring that you are a party “for women” and then systematically offending and dismissing stay-at-home moms as “not working women” time and time again is beyond irresponsible. So is saying you’re a party “of tolerance” and then excluding and bashing people of religions who may not squarely fit into your agenda (Catholics, Christians, Jews, I could go on and on).

10. I believe that you cannot say you’re a “friend of Israel’s” and then advocate for weakening Israel’s borders, refuse to get involved with Israel’s conflicts, deny defense aid to Israel, and promote peace with Israel’s enemies- who do not even recognize Israel’s right to exist. Doing so makes you a hypocrite.

11. I believe that the problems in our schools are because of government, mismanagement, and unions…not because of the children or the programs. (I’ve seen this firsthand, as a veteran public high school teacher.)

12. I believe that it is a parent’s role to parent. Whoever in a child’s life that is given the role of “parent” should take it more seriously than any other job he or she has. It does not take a village.

13. I believe in hard work.

14. I believe in the American Dream. I believe that anyone who believes in the American Dream and perseveres to achieve it through honest means will be successfully rewarded.

15. I don’t believe in changing America, I believe in strengthening and restoring America.

16. I truly believe in equality, of race, religion, background, gender, or opinion. I don’t subscribe to the Animal Farm-esque belief that “some are more equal than others”, nor do I subscribe to the liberal notion that “we are open-minded…unless you disagree with us”. I listen to all sides. I like hearing new perspectives, even if they only serve to strengthen my arguments.

17. I believe that spending like there is no deficit is the most illogical thing any politician could do right now.

18. I believe that any President, Representative, or Senator who sat by for three and a half years and failed to produce, vote for, or advocate for a budget should’ve lost their job long, long ago. Any President who has watched the unemployment rate skyrocket to 8.3% under his watch and has failed to meet with his Jobs Council in six months plus should be ashamed of himself.

19. I believe that this nation was founded by immigrants, and that immigrants are an exceptionally important group of people that greatly enhance the economy and diversity of America. Illegal immigrants are a different story, especially considering the dire financial straits we are in and the unbelievable burden they place on taxpaying citizens- including the legal immigrants.

20. I believe that taxing the rich to pay for the poor is Anti-Colonialism. It has never worked. It has only achieved soaring inflation, stagflation, and loss of jobs. It has always resulted in crippling instability.

21. I believe that everyone should pay taxes. There should be a flat tax rate, across the board. No one can argue that this isn’t fair, and no one can argue that this doesn’t work.

22. I believe that government programs and assistance are there for people who truly need and deserve them. They are not there to be abused, looted, or expanded upon to enable (or gain votes).

23. I believe that the bigger government gets, the weaker our voices become.

24. I believe that the Constitution is not a “living document” or an “artifact”. It is a legal document. It is the framework of our Union. Its importance should never, ever be diminished.

25. I believe in a prosperous, free future for my family, for my son. The thought of anything less than that terrifies me.


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3 thoughts on ““Twenty-Five Reasons I Will Not Vote for Barack Obama in November”

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  2. Irene Fairbanks on said:

    I could not have said it any better. God Bless America.

  3. I don’t even know how I ended up right here, however I thought this put up was once great. I do not understand who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous
    blogger for those who aren’t already. Cheers!

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