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The Undecided: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder Broward Tea Party

The Undecided: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder Broward Tea Party

After the last presidential candidate debate, TV coverage on FOX and CNN shifted to focus groups of undecided voters.  My thought was, “how in the world can people be undecided at this point?”  The two candidates, Obama and Romney, are ideological opposites. What are these people looking for in the debate; style points, a slip of the tongue, maybe some free special offers?  I have a beef with these people and some explanations that they won’t like.

The first explanation is laziness; they simply won’t make the effort to learn what the candidate’s platforms are. Their approach is, skip the work and go straight to the Cliffs Notes – the debates.   This superficial judgment process ignores the fundamental differences and focuses on the fluff.  To these undecided voters, all politicians are the same and whoever looks, sounds, and acts the most presidential wins!  Many of these undecided voters will tell you they’re looking to see how the candidates respond to voter questions.  Really! I’ve yet to hear anything from either candidate that they haven’t said before.  Every question has been anticipated and answered with a canned response that has been crafted by focus groups and a team of PR experts. This may be new to our undecided voters, but only because they’ve just joined the game.

Another reason there are fence-sitters is that they like to feel politically important.  These people relish the attention as if their single vote would create victory.  They enjoy talking, usually armed with superficial talking points, about the pros and cons of each candidate.  Maybe they want others to plead with them for their vote, maybe they enjoy appearing to be an even-handed centrist, or maybe these are the type of people who just can’t make a decision. 

No one can argue the importance of the debates.  Romney’s poll numbers took off after the first debate.  It was as if millions of Americans saw him for the first time.  “Where were these people during the primary?”  Apparently, Americans like the spectacle of debate, as if it were just another reality TV show.  In Round One, Mitt Romney did a great job of laying out the president’s record.  What I find amazing though, is that we’ve all been living with that record for the past 3 ½ years.  Do Americans need someone to condense our history and feed it back to us in bullet points?  It scares me to think how fragile a candidate’s campaign is when one verbal blunder can conceivably destroy their chances.  How easily the masses can overlook a candidate’s experience, record, and political philosophy. 

My final theory on undecided voters is simple; they’re bandwagon-jumpers.  They want to wait until the last minute so they can side with the most likely winner.  The “Strong Horse Principle” comes into play; people are drawn to winners because that makes them feel like a winner.  Many among us are attracted to a movement that is gaining momentum.  For these emotionally invested individuals, their underlying reason for their vote is as simple as – “it felt right.”  If pressed, they’ll offer various reasons, but really they’re just following their heart.

As Election Day draws near, I suppose I should temper my frustration with the reality that is unfolding.  Those same independents that were swayed by the hope and change of 2008 are now shifting to Romney.  I believe Romney will win by a 3-4 point margin and we’ll be faced with a new challenge.  Assuming I’m correct, the next Tea Party challenge will be holding our next group of politicians to deliver on their promises, to do the hard work that needs to be done.  The Tea Party needs to continue to press on to elect more conservatives that represent our core values.  We need a congressional majority to deliver a balanced budget, restore fiscal responsibility, and secure our future.  I hate to be a pessimist, but I’ve seen this happen before.  Conservatives gain power and Tea Party interest declines as most people think the work is done.  This will be the time when the Tea Party needs to grow and push harder than ever to forward our agenda.  We will finally have a sympathetic leadership that can accomplish our work.  This will only happen if we keep the heat on.

We need to make the most of our time and work smart.  Towards that goal, in my last blog I sent out a request to my readers; I asked for replies to measure our readership and I asked for your estimate on respondents.  There were 11 replies.  Thanks go out to:  David Brundage, Tammy Donley, Melanie Marshall, Lee Levin, Kate Andrews, Jim Weber, Sandy, Frank Sarli, Rosetta Bailey, Loretta Hedberg, and Wei Li.  Based on the numbers you provided we estimated a 47% response rate which means I’m actually reaching an estimated audience of 17.  This tells me I need to shift my efforts to a more productive activity.  The only thing that would have me reconsider my decision is if I saw a handful of our readers step up and contribute some blogs, also.  Seeing others join your efforts is invigorating and just what our movement needs.  We are a team that needs to hear other voices.  Please step up and let’s keep this going.  You can forward your blog entries to: mail

“Our success only happens if committed individuals like you make it happen!”  


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One thought on “The Undecided: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder Broward Tea Party

  1. on said:

    I enjoy your blogs – didn’t reply to the last one, had iPhone problems, still encountering but not as bad.

    I agree with your statements about the undecideds but I have to say that there are many democrats that are voting for Romney.

    I was just up in north Florida, south Georgia area this past week and I was very happy with what I saw. In a stretch of 150 miles I only saw 2 Obama lawn signs. I saw about 20 Romney signs. This was all through farm land with the homes spread really far apart. I saw three farms that had huge signs that said “Obama isn’t working”. What made it so amazing is that most of the areas I drove through are 47-53% black Americans. It made my day to see the signage outnumber Obama 10 to 1.

    The people that frustrate you were probably in special ed classes in their primary years. Anyone that’s still undecided are most likely mentally deficient, LOL.

    Don’t get down, there are plenty of tons of people working tirelessly to do all they can to ensure that BHO is a one term president.

    Thank you for all your efforts and the time you put into making conservative voices be heard and educating those who want to turn things around.

    Thank you, Pat Hughes BTP Member

    Sent from my iPhone

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