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Broward Tea Party Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, February 12, 2013: “What Happened to the Constitution?”


“What Happened to the Constitution???”

The Broward Tea Party hosts

Tom Regnier, Constitutional Lawyer/Professor

 7:00PM on TUESDAY, February 12th, 2013

(SPECIAL Meeting Date this Month!)


Bring your friends of All Political Persuasions!

“If we have a Constitution, why have we lost so many of our freedoms?”


15980 Pines Blvd.

Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

/Meet & Greet: 6:45 pm

Meeting Starts: 7:00 pm

**Coffee, sodas, & water provided;please bring a snack or treat to share…Greatly Appreciated!

  **Please park on West side of store**
Do you think the Constitution is supposed to protect our liberties? Isn’t the Constitution the follow-up to the Declaration of Independence’s celebration of our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Then what happened? How did we get the massive bloated government, spiraling national debt, high taxes, thousands of federal laws and regulations, and power-crazed politicians that we have today? Does the Constitution allow this?
Tom Regnier, libertarian lawyer and law professor, gives a blow-by-blow account of how we got from there to here.
Along the way, you will learn the answers to these questions:
• Is ObamaCare really constitutional — really??
• Is the 9th amendment really just an ink blot, as Robert Bork said?
• Does the Constitution guarantee us the right to  privacy? The right to economic liberty? The right to wear a hat? The right to buy an iPad?
• What does “original intent” mean, and is that what we should use to interpret the Constitution?
• Should the Constitution be “strictly construed”?
• Is judicial activism a good thing or a bad thing?
• Did the Supreme Court usurp a power it shouldn’t have when it said it could strike down laws of Congress?
• Does the “general welfare” clause give Congress authority to create programs like Social Security?
• What does the Commerce Clause really mean?
• What does the “necessary and proper clause” mean?
• Does the “privileges and immunities” clause have something to do with vaccinations?
• What the heck is “Footnote Four”?
By the end, you will be able to make your own judgments about what is constitutional and what isn’t.
Tom Regnier

Tom Regnier

Tom Regnier holds law degrees from the University of Miami School of Law and Columbia University Law School, both with honors. He has taught at the University of Miami School of Law and Chicago’s John Marshall Law School. He has clerked for both state and federal judges. In 1997-98, he managed the Libertarian Party’s successful campaign to achieve equal ballot access for minor parties in Florida by amending the state constitution. He has worked in the appellate division of the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office and currently practices law with the firm of Conroy Simberg in Hollywood, FL.




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2 thoughts on “Broward Tea Party Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, February 12, 2013: “What Happened to the Constitution?”

  1. Melvin Propis MD on said:

    So glad you resolved problem, was concerned that the group evaporated…Mel
    PS. Please send out another notice before meeting, I am concerned that other “regulars” assumed the worst.

  2. Excellant. See you there. Mama Kristin– don’t forget my box with the check-in items. Cheryl H.

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