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Why Republicans Are Losing: By Rose R.


Rose R. Responds to RED STATE Article Below

   My own thinking is growing farther and farther from the Republican establishment.  WHY?  I no longer am enthused to follow the National Republican establishments’ recommendations for support and campaigning for  establishment candidates.  Of course, I know that sitting home hands the election to the Democrats, but then, with the Republican establishment, when they win, they lose by compromise of basic Republican principles later.  This has demoralized the base. 

    I wish BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee, Broward County, Florida)  and the local Republican Clubs future success… BUT….

    I see ONLY the Tea Party Conservative candidates stand up for TRUTH – Republican Principles (well,  most of the time – nobody’s perfect).   So, I have decided that I will only work and support  LOCAL Conservative candidates for LOCAL positions, elected or appointed.  We Republicans must start building from the ground up…build a firm conservative foundation locally if we are to save this country. 

    We need to search out, find, and support local candidates.  That should be the ONLY focus for Broward Republicans.   Forget National election candidates, we are too outnumbered by voting statistics to win in Broward county, but we CAN WIN locally, keep winning, building a base and then…  Read on. 

    However we have a problem…  Could it be that our many past  Broward U.S. Representative candidates find that it is much more sexy and glamorous to be a candidate for the NATIONAL elections, than lowly local elections?  They want to be elected directly to Washington D. C. and skip all the grunt work here at home.  It’s perhaps not glamorous to work locally to  learn the ropes, build a network of supporters, establish that they can write good legislation, establish a  voting record, etc.     

     WAKE UP !  Before you ask us to work to send you to D. C.   First win an election!    1.  a city position  2.   then move on to a County position 3.  then on to a State position.  THEN after becoming seasoned,  3. possibly move on to the National stage.   

     Until you do this, we, your local workers and  supporters have no idea HOW you “first-elect-me-to-D.C. then-you-will-know-what-you-have” candidates will govern.   This does not sit well with local precinct workers. 

      How can you get elected until you build LOCALLY a broad loyal base among the Republicans and Independents and conservative Democrat voters  By doing so, you will have proved you have legislative credentials, proved you are “the right stuff”.  People will flock to work on your campaign.  But, you must start locally.   All the GREAT ones did it this way…  building and broadening their loyal base with dedicated supporters, a reliable funding base and such.     

     The Democrats have learned this “local-first” method  and they make their candidates do this local unglamorous grunt work – and they WIN elections!   Broward used to be Republican and was taken over by Democrats… one seat at a time.  Our Broward Republican candidates just jump in and run on passion and hope!  Always a day late and dollar short – NO foundation on which to win!  The good Republican candidates have their heart in the right place, but not their rational, logical brains!  They  have not studied the history of “how to win elections”!   Shortcuts have never worked.  Waste of time and energy and very demoralizing to the local Republican base.  And, RPOF and National Republican Party will not support financially what is a losing campaign of a National candidate in Broward.  

      First turn the tide within Broward to Republican dominance, but winning local elections – one local city election at a time!   Become powerful locally.   Learn how it works… and win it all eventually… a long road, but doable.  

      Speaking just for myself,  I will only work on very local candidate seats starting within areas that are winnable by voting demographics.  AND, sadly many other good Republicans I have talked to, feel the same way.    

       Rose R.



Friday, July 26, 2013

The Ephialtes Establishment in the Republican Party

By: Erick Erickson (Diary)  |  July 26th, 2013 at 04:30 AM |  60

I can see how the GOP loses in November of 2014. The establishment and base have moved so far apart the base is about ready to go third party or sit at home. If the GOP does not make a stand against Obamacare, they will not see the energy they need to effectively compete in 2014.

Let me explain what is happening and what will happen.

Karl Rove’s Crossroads group commissioned a poll by North Star Opinion Research. The poll found most Americans do not want the GOP to block “health care reform.” That’s right, Crossroads repeatedly called Obamacare “the healthcare reform law” and was shocked to find people oppose stopping reform. Go figure.

But that poll has been circulated to Republican leaders and they have soiled themselves over it. That is why Mitch McConnell will not support Mike Lee’s strategy to draw a line in the sand against funding Obamacare. That is why John Cornyn withdrew his name from Mike Lee’s letter. That is why Richard Burr of North Carolina calls defunding Obamacare “stupid.”

These men are about power, not principle. They’ve chosen to let polls lead them instead of leading people.

Already, Byron York is out with a piece saying the GOP will not defund Obamacare. Next we will most likely see Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal write one of her semi-regular hit pieces on Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the conservatives who want to stand their ground.

Then we will see Jenn Rubin begin another hyperbole laden attack on Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz.

The actual editorial page of the Wall Street Journal will chime in to yet again attack the Hobbits for daring to stand on principles. The Democrats will then dangle the shiny object of the Keystone Pipeline before the GOP. Like dogs scrambling for scraps at the table, the GOP will take it and their editorial friends will hail this as a grand bargain worth taking. Pay no attention to Obamacare being implemented.

We have seen this before. The GOP leadership will cave and dazzle the base with shiny objects. They will then send out fundraising letters in courier type telling you to stand with them and send them money if you want Obamacare defunded.

Leonidas and three hundred Spartans held the pass at Thermopylae against overwhelming Persian odds until Ephialtes betrayed them and led the Persians on a path around. If the Republican Establishment were in Greece, they’d stand with Ephialtes. So desperate are they to regain power, the Republican Establishment will be led by those who promised President Romney and spent hundreds of millions of dollars getting the status quo.


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2 thoughts on “Why Republicans Are Losing: By Rose R.

  1. I love the part about local ground game and local elections. One can tell by the number of votes, how little people of any party vote in these elections. I would like to present a solution to what you wrote about in regards to BREC. Always a few exceptions, but for many decades now I have watched this ” Executive Committee” behave like 2 year olds. I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with them . It is all about self in 99.999 % of those who participate. The question for me is why would I even begin to think that me, an American Citizen, a long time Broward/Ft Lauderdale resident, a home owner and a business owner , would even begin to support them with a dollar or one bead of sweat. For the most part ( there are exceptions) BREC consists of a bunch of people trying to climb over others to find some ” benefit” of delusional power. Trying to be fish in a bigger pond they have spent years trying to get in to. Discard them. Do not attend their meetings. Don’t give them a dime or a single second of time . It would be my suggestion that you follow the plan your outline, building the ground game, support of local races. and individuals who you/group consider worthy. The hardest thing for anyone who is “pure” as far as entering politics, especially on the local level, is ground support and money .. Ground support is stronger than money, but the local candidates still need financial support. The little that BREC gives to local candidates for local office is minimal. The Tea Party could replace it easily, and it really doesn’t take much if you have a strong ground game in place. Personally, I would start at the County level as that is where the damage is being done, but you can support the races at the local level that usually are uncontested, or nobody really involved enough. Build the ground game. Ft Lauderdale and Broward Tea Parties are 2 very good groups . With both having a strong ground game, candidates you do like will win races at the lower/local level. The reality is, that this should be done at every level of the election process, but FTTP is already strong as an organization. Just need to take the first step ( dump BREC) and organize the ground game. Then they have to listen . RB Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 20:57:18 +0000 To:

  2. I agree with every word, but we can say all this and still not win in 2014, which we all know is CRITICAL. We must make a concerted effort to get our people to the polls. If we don’t do just what Obama did, we’re working on a lost cause.

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