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Florida 2nd Amendment Preservation Act


Endorsements: The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act has receive several endorsements. The National Gun Owners of America , The Villages Tea Party , East Side Tea Party , and SW Florida Citizens Alliance .

Assistance: Members have helped spread the word on this, by posting on their business face book page, using their small business to get customers to sign petitions, they have passed out information cards, and one has given contacts for local gun shop owners.

Groups of citizens all over the State of Florida are working to get our State legislators to pass the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act during the upcoming legislative session.

This Act will use the 9th & 10th amendment powers to secure and protect the 2nd amendment in our state. Similar laws have been enacted in 9 states and several more are currently working to do the same in their States. The preservation legislation is simple and straight forward.

Visit this web site to read the Florida 2nd Amendment Protection Act. While you are there click on the “TAKE ACTION” button enter your county and complete the easy steps to send your support for the Act to local and State legislators.

Once you have completed your action, your next step is to forward this to all your family, friends, coworkers etc. that reside in the State and get them to act as well on this important issue.

If you or someone you know owns or operates a gun shop, a gun safety training business, gun range, or any business please make them aware of this movement and get their support as well. If you/they have questions and/or would like to respond, please contact Steve W at email . It would be great if they would add the site to their web page.

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