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Clowns of the Republican Party

Clowns of the Republican Party

Send in the clowns!  Pull the rug from under him and watch him fall… how hilarious!  Ha, ha, ha.

Well that’s what the Republican Party did to Republican Tea Party candidate Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia Governor’s race.  The GOP pulled the funding rug from under Cuccinelli and now the Democrats are laughing all the way to the Virginia Governor’s mansion!

Cuccinelli was steadily soaring ahead by pounding on the miserable ObamaCare law and had closed a 10-point gap despite little funding and an Obama-funded fake Libertarian candidate that took away some Republican votes.

Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe, his polls falling, had called in the campaigner-in-chief, Obama.  Together they heaped scorn on Cuccinelli for being part of the “extreme faction” of the GOP and for supporting GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s attempt to defund ObamaCare, which shut down the Government.  Virginia was hit hard by the shutdown.   However, despite association with the Tea Party or government shutdown… none of this seemed to deter the voters from Cuccinelli… he was gaining fast, on a roll, in the zone!

On Oct. 1 the GOP “establishment”, embarrassed by media criticism over the government shutdown (?), pulled the funding “rug” on Cuccinelli.   Ironically, that was the day of the miserably failed ObamaCare website launch!   Plus it was just as Virginia voters began to get cancellation notices in the mail from their health care companies.   Perfect storm for a Republican victory!

After Cuccinelli lost his GOP funding, in the crucial final weeks, Democrats ran TV ads against Cuccinelli 10 to 1.  Cuccinelli had little time left to raise enough money on his own to fight back.  He lost by only 2 points.

This is not funny for the people of Virginia.  However, the Democrats are laughing…  Ha, ha, ha… all the way to the Virginia Governor’s mansion!

Rose Marie Rauschkolb


The Mattress and Obamacare: A Teachable Moment, By Rose Rauschkolb

The Mattress and ObamaCare:   A teachable moment

It was time, so off to Sears hubby and I went to purchase a new mattress.  We wanted to apply a credit to the purchase and this took the expertise of several clerks to work out on the computer.  During this process, they remarked that each had had their hours cut and would not be in the store on certain days.

I asked, “Was that because of the ObamaCare law? “

Oh, I don’t think so.  I don’t think that ObamaCare health thing passed.” one Clerk replied.

Then I said, “Oh yes, it did pass!  The Democrats passed it when no one was looking…  at 11 o’clock on Christmas Eve 2010, first year Obama was in office …  before the Republicans took over the House of Representatives the following year.  It’s been the law of the land since 2010 and just now being implemented.”

The Clerks looked at each other and back at us.  “I didn’t know that,” “said one.   “Neither did I,” said the other.  They stopped still.

YIKES… two ‘un-informed’ voters!  They looked like deer in the headlights.  Whack!

I continued, “Well, a lot has happened since Obama got elected and we are just starting to see the results of his big-government policies of ‘Change’.

Huh,” muttered one.   “Yeah,” murmured the other.

To wrap up the lesson and get on with the mattress purchase, I wistfully and slowly said, “Ah yes…  elections are important…  they do have consequences. “

It was a teachable moment.

You too can help wake up the apathetic and un-informed voters…   one by one, day by day!  Take advantage of small teachable moments at the grocery store, the post office, restaurant, exercise club, hairdresser, neighbors, etc., etc.

How?  Gently and with a kind and polite voice drop one ‘thought’ into their heads.  Then leave it.  Don’t overdo it… avoid the soap box.   Just leave them with one thing to think about… to start their mind motor moving.   Yes, you can make a difference in the 2014 elections… one little conversation at a time.

The question is… will you help?  Please don’t be silent.  Silence is consent.


Rose Marie Rauschkolb     –   November 7, 2013

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