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OBAMACARE – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

OBAMA CARE – A Picture is worth a thousand words.

This is what happens when an ideological-driven agenda outweighs intelligent forthought, as in the mis-named “Affordable Care Act”.  Unintended consequences!

Obama Care is designed to  control 1/6th of the American Economy.  If what we have seen of it fortells our future, folks …we are in deep do-do!

The ACA cost already exceeds $1,000,000 per person in the country.  Goodness, why not just give each person that money and call it a day!  We’ll go find our own health insurance.  The competition between companies for our business will make it really affordable!


With apologies to CALVIN and artist creator Bill Watterson.  Thanks Bill.

Rose Marie Rauschkolb


Obama Keeps Promises: How It Affects You

Obama Keeps Promises

Five days before becoming President, Obama promised he would “Fundamentally Change America”.

A tsunami of new rules issued by the White House will soon hit the economy and affect your private life.   The Obama administration’s socialist agenda is destined to control every aspect of your life from an all-powerful centralized federal government.

And how does that affect me, you say?

Washington’s regulatory excess is running wild.  During the last week of Nov., 2013, Seventy-seven (77) new final regulations were published in the Federal Register and then followed quickly and quietly by ninety-five (95) more during the first week of December.   That’s a new regulation every 1 hour and 46 minutes!  And, he has 3 more years in office.

The Environmental Protection Agency alone will be responsible for 134 new rules issued by the White House in its late 2013 “regulatory dump”.

Obama promised to stop coal-fired power plants and replace with higher cost so-called green energy sources.  In 2014 more emission regulations are to be put on existing fossil-fueled power plants.  This will eventually drive them out of business.   Obama promised higher energy bills for you.

Ah, but not all this regulatory push is just for wicked burners of fossil fuel.  If you have property where water puddles in a hard rain… the EPA might want to talk to you.

The EPA is pushing for a rule that would expand the definition of “waters of the U.S”.  This could be the largest expansion of EPA regulatory authority ever.  If enacted, the EPA would be free to regulate virtually every body of water in the U.S., including private and public lakes, ponds and streams… as on grazing, farming, recreational, virtually on any land.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, with its long history of highlighting Washington’s regulatory excesses, estimates that the Government regulatory machine already costs the private economy 1.8 trillion dollars a year (yep… that ‘s TRILLION) .

What is the dollar figure that can be placed on the loss of private land if this definition of “waters of the U.S.” is expanded by this federal regulatory apparatus that has long been out of control, killing growth and jobs.   What will become of private property… no longer private property?   Share the wealth.  Another Obama promise kept?

The 2014 and 2016 elections are critical to the direction of our beloved U.S.A.   Talk to everyone you meet … start a conversation, tell a story, briefly… start their mind thinking.     Don’t be Silent.  ___________________________________________________________________________________

Rose Marie Rauschkolb                               

December 13, 2013

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