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Why Liberals are such, uh, JERKS (and what to do about them): Blog by Branehart

Why Liberals are such, uh, JERKS (and what to do about them)

By Branehart

  1. Introduction

If you’re alive in the United States now you know liberals.  They’re mean, nasty and destructive.  They’re manipulative, controlling, scheming and intimidating….and miserable – so, so miserable. Miserable seemingly all the time and nothing ever really makes them happy.  And everything they touch ends up ruined: wars, economies, black neighborhoods in cities, the media, along with anything else they control. They could and should be ignored except for the fact that they’re everywhere, running our country and culture.

But surprisingly, as ubiquitous and awful as liberals are, the reason why they are the way they are – and the proper reaction to them – is virtually unknown.  An episode of the popular 1990’s TV show Beverly Hills 90210 took a stab at it. On this episode the girls meet a nasty girl with the temperament of many liberals. Later in the episode they find out she’s so bitchy only because of the diet pills she was taking; without the meds she was actually a fairly nice girl.

  1. Why Liberals are such, uh, JERKS

If it were only so simple, Liberals aren’t as nasty and miserable as they are because they use diet pills.  Liberals are as adversarial as they are because they do not think properly. Because they do not think properly, liberals are unable to achieve the values they want and live happily, hence their miserable disposition.

As I wrote in my post “So What are Values, Anyway?”, August 2015, values, properly defined, are the things, both concrete and abstract, that are valuable to living creatures of all kinds including humans for a purpose, with that purpose ultimately being to further their survival. For humans values include both necessities for living as well as things that may not be necessary but make life more enjoyable. Food, clothing, housing, employment, education, camaraderie, appreciation from others for the good one does, good health, financial security, leisure, romantic love, children, consumer goods, a good credit rating and lots of other things are all human values.

Liberals don’t think properly because they don’t reduce abstractions to concretes. As I said in my blog post “How we get our Values: The Thinking Process”, October 2015, there are two kinds of concepts: concrete ones and abstract ones. Concrete concepts are concepts that can be understood merely by sensory observation (i.e., cars, food, houses, money, etc.). Abstract concepts, on the other hand, like financial solvency, virtue, friendship, etc., are concepts that cannot be understood merely by sensory perception; more understanding is needed.

This understanding comes only when abstract concepts are reduced to the concrete concepts to which they are related. In “How we get our Values: The Thinking Process”, I illustrate reduction of an abstract concept, “bank account”, which is a tally for money belonging to a certain person or legal entity placed with a bank for safe keeping, by reducing it to the concrete concepts it is derived from: tallies, money, people, and banks. All valid abstract concepts, no matter how abstract, can be reduced to concrete concepts in this way.

I said in “How we get our Values: The Thinking Process” that thinking is the way we get our values. Thinking, however, is not automatic. While sensory perception, the first step of the thinking process, is automatic, the rest of the process is not. Much of thinking is self-evident for concrete concepts; consequently almost everyone can figure out how to achieve low-level values involving concrete concepts to take care of relatively simple matters such as what to wear or have for dinner.

For understanding abstract concepts, however, thinking is not self-evident. Reduction is a technique that must be learned and if it isn’t, people will not be able to understand abstract concepts correctly or use them properly to achieve values that require an understanding of abstractions. Understanding abstractions is essential for living and achieving many values because we live not only in a world of concretes like cars, food, houses, and money, but also in a world of abstractions including contract rights, moral principles, values, decedents’ estates and financial solvency. Many higher values, like romantic love and financial success and security, require a correct understanding and usage of abstractions.

There are two main ways by which people, including liberals, incorrectly use abstractions: they either mimic how large numbers of other people commonly use them, or use them to refer to perceptual –level concretes commonly associated with them.

An example of mimicking other people using abstractions is how people sometimes use the concept “literally”.  “Literally” means by the actual, exact meaning of the words used. But sometimes people will use it to mean figuratively, which means symbolically or metaphorically.  For example, some Debbie Wasserman-Schultz type in frustration says that Sean Hannity is literally a turkey. He’s not literally a turkey; he is literally a man. What someone probably intended to say is that Sean Hannity is figuratively a turkey, meaning he’s literally a dud or a failure (which “turkey” is used to mean figuratively), not the bird. But if enough people surrounding a particular liberal use “literally” to mean figuratively the liberal will start to use the word that way too.

An example of using abstractions as if they referred to the concretes commonly associated with them is how liberals commonly use the abstract concept “friend”.  A “friend” is someone who is supportive of someone else’s values.  Because he is supportive of someone else’s values a friend is often, though not always, openly pleasant, polite or amiable to those whose values he supports. But a liberal often defines a “friend” as anyone who is openly pleasant, polite or amiable, even if this person is a threat to his values, i.e., a manipulator, schemer or criminal who would stab him in the back or steal his life savings or even kill him.

The inability to use abstractions correctly creates problems for liberals because it makes it very difficult if not impossible for them to achieve values that require an understanding of abstractions. Values whose contexts require an understanding of abstract concepts include romantic love, without a doubt among the highest of all values. Romantic love is an emotion someone feels for someone else whose most important values are the same as one’s own.  In my blog post “So what are Values, Anyway?” I explained that the two most important values for a person are thinking and purpose.  So for someone to feel true romantic love for another person, the two people must have the same attitude towards thinking, and purposes in life that are similar enough so that each has a strong interest in the things the other cares about.

But liberals very often use the term “love” they way they use “friend”: to mean the concretes they associate with it, most commonly the intense affection for another person that goes along with it. Then they claim to “love” anyone they feel an intense affection for, regardless of the cause. They conflate love, where the intense affection comes from having common values regarding thinking and purpose, with lust or infatuation, where the intense affection comes from either a reaction to someone’s physical appearance or a projection onto someone of desirable characteristics that person may not even have. The result is people dating and marrying other people for the wrong reasons, leading to failed relationships, unhappy marriages and broken families.

Another extremely important value that requires an understanding of abstract concepts is operation of a successful business. Business management is full of situations where someone is confronted with huge amounts of data, numbers, levels of activity, etc. The significance of these things for the health of a business is not self evident and requires a high level of abstract thinking to be understood correctly to keep the business operating. For example, a company starts a new ad campaign that results in an increase in sales, but a certain group of people finds the ads in poor taste or offensive and complains. Should the ads be pulled or should the complainers be ignored? Or, a company that makes winter clothes sees sales dropping at a certain time of year.  Is the decline in sales because of a natural drop in demand or is it because competitors are simply making better clothes? Without understanding abstract concepts there is no way to figure out the significance of these events for a business and how to react properly.  The result is liberals operating failing businesses or running to their lobbyists or the taxpayers to keep them operating, with government bailouts or favorable laws to give them a legal advantage over their competition.

What should be of particular concern to everyone is the trouble liberals have with moral concepts like right, wrong, good, evil, virtues, vices, etc. These vitally important concepts are abstractions, liberals consequently don’t understand them, and therefore get into trouble with them.

Consider the virtue of honesty. What honesty means is never faking or evading reality.  Honesty is a virtue, with “virtue” being itself an abstraction meaning a character trait that helps, as opposed to hinders, one’s ability to get his values.  Honesty helps people get their values because, as said earlier, for people to get their values they must understand reality.  By being honest and not declaring any aspect of reality off-limits, a person has the best chance of understanding reality and consequently figuring out how to get what he wants in life.

But this is not how many liberals view honesty.  Liberals define honesty the way they do “friend” and “love”: by a concrete they associate with honestly – namely, a blind duty to “always tell the truth”.  To show how this view of honesty is a problem, consider the following.  You meet a stranger who is creepy looking.  He asks where your dad is.  If you think it is “honest” to “always tell the truth” and feel you must be “honest” to be moral, you tell him – and then find your dad murdered.  According to the real meaning of honesty, however, you do not have to tell him where your dad is because he is a stranger and you have no duty to do so.  Moreover, a fact of reality is that this person looks creepy, indicating he might be dangerous.  So, to protect your values – in this case, your relationship with your father – the truly honest thing to do is say you don’t know where your father is, even though it may be untrue.  You aren’t being immoral because, since you have no duty to give the stranger the information he wants, you aren’t depriving him of anything that is rightfully his. In fact, it would be dishonest to give him the information he wants because by doing so you’d be trusting him when you know he looks creepy and you therefore shouldn’t be.

Liberals have similar problems with all such moral concepts. They consequently end up believing that morality has no legitimacy and is some sort of a subjective scam to help protect the interests of particularly wealthy, clever or politically powerful people at the expense of others. They lose respect for it and for the rule of law, which is derived from it. And they end up fearing and hating people who have confidence in their ideas about morality.

Don’t confuse liberals’ inability to think properly with intelligence. Despite their problems with the thinking process liberals can still be extremely smart (many professors, elected officials and conmen[1], for example).  Intelligence is the physical, God-given ability to handle abstract concepts and facts if one were to learn how to think, whereas the inability to think results from the failure to learn how.

Not only can liberals be intelligent, they can even reduce abstractions to concrete concepts and understand them properly– when a particular abstract concept is at issue in their minds and they are exposed to the concretes necessary for them to do so. Nobody can convince me, for example, that Senators Dick Durbin or Charles Schumer do not understand the abstraction of home equity.  I’m sure they have this one figured out because they probably wanted to know when they made their last mortgage payments what their homes were worth, how much of their mortgages had been paid down, and consequently how much wealth they had in their homes. The numbers and their significance were probably right there on the mortgage statement.  What liberals like Schumer and Durbin can’t do is figure out the concretes relevant to the abstraction of home equity on their own, when the issue isn’t confronting them.

Since liberals have trouble thinking they turn against it, claiming it’s worthless. For example, liberals are obsessed with renewable energy because they don’t believe thinking can come up with a replacement for fossil fuels once they run out. So they prattle on and on about unprofitable and unproductive energy sources like wind and solar power. They also believe thinking will be useless in creating solutions for overflowing sanitation landfills in the future, so they overemphasize recycling.

Since thinking is necessary for understanding reality, liberals can’t understand reality – and thus claim that reality can’t be understood. To them reality becomes an unknowable chaos that foils even the best laid plans.  This is the basis for so-called “chaos theory” and is illustrated in the first Jurassic Park movie, which came out in 1992. In it Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern play scientists who visit a zoo featuring cloned dinosaurs. While on the way there Goldblum starts hitting on Dern by waxing philosophically, stating that “reality is a chaos”.  This scene is important because, despite the best intentions of the zoo’s designer to prevent it, the dinosaurs get loose anyway and start eating everybody later during their visit. As evidence that reality is a chaos liberals point to the existence of homosexuality and transgenderism, which appear to be at odds with the way most people would expect things to be in an un-chaotic world.

But liberals go beyond merely claiming reality to be incomprehensible; they hate it because, since it is ever present, always setting the terms of everyone’s lives and to them incomprehensible, they feel trapped and terrified by it. They turn against it and try to evade it whenever it makes them emotionally uncomfortable. This is why so many liberals want to evade their fear by getting high or drunk.  And it is why, no surprise, so many liberals support legalization of drugs.  It is ultimately this fear of reality that is currently making liberal student demonstrators at Yale and University of Missouri want “a safe place” on their campuses.

Since understanding reality is necessary for achieving values and liberals can’t understand reality, they feel, as mentioned earlier, cut off from and unable to achieve many values, including the ability to be productive at producing commercial values for exchange like goods and services.  As a rationalization for this inability they claim that achieving values is really just the result of luck and random chance, rather than from purposefully directed action and hard work. For example, in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged metallurgist Hank Rearden, after years of research, invents an incredibly light yet strong alloy he calls Rearden Metal.  A bureaucrat then blackmails him into turning over the formula for Rearden Metal to the government and renames it “Miracle Metal” as if its discovery was  the result of a causeless, inexplicable miracle. A real life example is the repeated comments of the very liberal former Missouri Congressman Richard Gephardt that successful people are “winners of life’s lottery”.

As a consequence of regarding thinking as worthless liberals also turn against the products of thinking, in particular technology and real estate development. They claim technology is destructive, smearing the scientists who invent it as “mad” and the businessmen who market it as charlatans. They openly in-your-face deny its perceptually obvious benefits, championing a line of anti-technology artworks from Frankenstein to the aforementioned Jurassic Park. Their anti-technology tirades include endless terror stories about global warming, overpopulation, coming ice ages, the dangers of the internet, vaccines, processed foods, fossil fuels, fast food, dangerous manufactured products, and of course how everything ever created by technology causes cancer. They claim many technological innovations are “unsustainable”, meaning they will make the earth unlivable by humans if they are used indefinitely into the future. Regarding real estate development liberals conclude any deliberate manmade alteration of the earth would be destructive even without any supporting evidence. They use the environmental movement and the EPA to put onerous restrictions on commercial development, oil drilling, mining and other productive uses of private property. President Obama’s unwavering opposition to the Keystone Pipeline is an example.

Liberals also turn against people who are thinkers, often feeling brutal envy toward and contempt for them. Although not an American liberal, Hitler (like many liberals a notorious nonthinker) felt he had to torture and murder Jews (who are generally good thinkers). Liberals hate productive businessmen who earn a good living by thinking, dubbing them “robber barons” to equate them with criminals. Professor Ward Churchill smeared the victims of 9/11 who were white collar businessmen – who use their minds to think for a living, dealing with complex abstract issues – as Nazis when he called them Little Eichmanns. He did not, however, smear blue collar workers (whose jobs require thinking on mostly the concrete level, i.e., police, firemen, etc.) who died in the attacks as Nazis, because he doesn’t feel the same contempt for them.

Liberals’ feeling that values are unattainable causes them to turn against and hate values, particularly financial security. Liberals hate wealth earned by thinking and want to “redistribute” it to those who didn’t earn it. They try to morally justify such “redistribution” with rationalizations like those of liberal philosopher John Rawls, who said that people who are good thinkers shouldn’t have a right to their wealth because “nobody earned his brain”, and liberal philosopher John Dewey, who believed that all knowledge is “collective” and publicly owned by “society”.

Liberals try to prevent people from achieving financial security with confiscatory taxes and ever-higher rates. Liberals try to get leverage over successful businesses by proposing so many regulations that nobody could follow all of them to the letter, and then deliberately try to stifle economic activity by letting agencies like the EPA, FCC, FTC, FDA, SEC or EEOC run wild shaking them down for even the slightest violations. They also stifle economic activity by raising interest rates at the Federal Reserve Bank (which is really not a bank at all, but a government agency that doesn’t even need to charge interest rates) to make it more expensive for businesses to borrow operating capital. Liberals favor banning insider trading (except, of course, for themselves) because insider trading is a quick way for a management-level employee of a publicly traded company to amass wealth resulting from the good work he did for the company[2]. Liberals regularly put production of values and wealth in a bad light, such as when they say that wealth leads to obese kids and the like. (Interestingly liberals have no problem with wealth not earned by thinking, i.e., through inheritance, royalty, organized crime, political kickbacks, etc.)

Since liberals end up cut off from values and values are necessary for a happy life, they turn against happiness. They regard happiness as alien and offensive and don’t pursue it. This is why, as Rush Limbaugh points out, liberals are never happy no matter how much they get of what they want. Although not American liberals, the clerics who rule Iran are like American liberals in that they do not like thinking. They actually convicted several young Iranians of a crime for making a happy dance video and gave them suspended sentences involving torture. Liberals go on tirades against smoking because of the great feeling it creates without getting high or evading reality in any way, and use the risk of cancer from smoking too much as an excuse to force people to stop.

Since liberals hate values and values are necessary to live, liberals turn against life itself. For example, observe the horrid views many liberals hold towards human fetuses and the things they do: partial birth abortions, organ harvesting, etc. Although they use the rights of pregnant women as an excuse for keeping abortion legal, the real reason why most liberals want abortion to remain legal is because it is as close to murdering other people as anyone can come without courting outright moral bankruptcy. In fact, liberal intellectuals like Princeton University professor Peter Singer advocate “aborting” babies that have already been born (!!).

The liberals’ Affordable Care Act, or ACA or Obamacare, is an attack on life because it gives government agencies the ability to arbitrarily determine who lives and dies. Under the ACA Linda Rolain, a 64 year old cancer patient in Las Vegas, was essentially murdered when her insurance coverage was cancelled arbitrarily. Although her brain tumor was operable at the time of the cancellation, it became inoperable while she was trying to have her coverage restored and she died as a result. President Obama himself said that, under the ACA, if the so-called “death panel” decides against covering the cost of someone’s treatment because they are over a certain age, they should just “uh, take a pain pill”.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pooh-poohed the deaths of four American diplomats in Libya that occurred because despite being fully aware of the danger they were in from a planned and coordinated terrorist attack she didn’t respond to their repeated requests for additional security, stating “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

The ultimate result of this anti-life attitude is mass murder, which nonthinkers like Adolph Hitler and the Iranian government, and American liberals like Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski, sometimes commit. Liberals essentially committed mass murder when they successfully banned the pesticide DDT worldwide, which was a smashing success at controlling the spread of malaria, resulting in millions of avoidable deaths in India and Africa.

Being against thinking liberals turn against cultures, religions and institutions that support thinking. Many liberals (even many Christian ones) despise modern (post Aquinas) Christianity, the religion of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment eras, where thinking and reason were favored over the mindless anarchy of the Dark Ages; Hence, their attacks on Christian religious displays and holidays and support for persecution of Christians worldwide. Liberals (even many Jewish ones) also turn against Jews who, as self-styled “people of the book”, have throughout history championed thinking. They despise Christopher Columbus for bringing the pro-thinking philosophy of the Renaissance to the primitive savagery of the Americas and want to ban Columbus Day. They hate the American Founding Fathers and the traditions of the United States, whose founding principles are based on people living by thinking and came from the Enlightenment.

While liberals despise cultures, religions and institutions that support thinking, they support those that are against it. They support the Palestinians as opposed to the Israelis and are deferential to modern Islam, refusing to call its murderous activists the terrorists they are. A liberal architect initially designed the memorial to United Flight 50 which was hijacked on 9/11 as a red crescent to honor the Moslem hijackers (though it was later redesigned after a protest)(!). And they portray the pre-Columbian Americans, who lived in a primitive savagery unimaginable to anyone today who has not seen the movie A Man Called Horse as loving, caring, innocent victims of the monstrous pro-thinking Europeans of the Renaissance and Enlightenment. They portray European colonizers of Africa, under whom Africans were actually on the whole making real progress, as evil racist oppressors while they are indifferent to the incorrigibly corrupt basket case of modern Africa. They regularly praise primitive cultures today as “sustainable”, as virtually any issue of National Geographic magazine shows.

  1. Liberals’ Ethics (I know I know: what Ethics?)

Liberals’ hostility toward thinking leads them to radically different ethical beliefs than those held by people who are pro-thinking. If people learn to think properly they will feel competent to produce values and live by their own efforts. They will view their own happiness as a proper ethical goal, without any desire to coercively control other people.  Consequently they will regard the initiation of force or fraud against other people as immoral.

All of this is different for people who don’t learn to think.  Because values are necessary to live and nonthinkers are unproductive at producing values, to survive they must do so by taking others’ values. If the rightful owners of the desired values refuse to let the nonthinkers do this, then the nonthinkers feel they should be allowed to take them by initiating force or fraud if necessary. So, central to liberals’ ethical beliefs is coercive control over other people, particularly anyone productive enough to produce what the liberals feel they need to survive. They therefore rewrite ethics to make control over, and initiation of force and fraud against, thinkers by nonthinkers moral.          An exact blueprint of this is Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, where he supports the idea of “from each according to ability, to each according to need.”

And if those the liberals seek to control try to defend themselves against such force or fraud, according to the liberals’ moral code they are immoral. As examples, observe the portrayal as immoral monsters by the liberal media of Bernard Goetz for defending himself against an attempted mugging on a New York City subway, and George Zimmerman for killing Trevon Martin in self defense outside Orlando while being assaulted by him.

Liberals also regard anger directed at them as immoral.  Anger is an emotion people feel towards other people who treat them unjustly.  It is unjust to initiate force and fraud against others to steal their values, as liberals do. So liberals are deserving of, and consequently afraid of, others’ wrath. They rationalize for this fear and guilt by de-legitimizing their victims’ feelings, declaring these sentiments unjustified.  They suggest their victims try anger management. The best summary of liberals’ ethical beliefs is the following line from the Pink Floyd song “Dogs of War”: “…they will take/and you will give/and you must die/so that they may live.”

  1. Liberals’ Politics

Like anyone else, liberals’ political beliefs are derived from their ethical beliefs. They want to create a social system where people who can’t think straight and aren’t productive can legally initiate force against productive thinkers. This explains why they like Communism as proposed by Karl Marx, where the non-thinking, relatively unproductive proletariat controls the thinking and productive bourgeoisie. Liberals like socialist dictatorships, where ”society” controls the individuals in it (with the government as “society‘s” de facto spokesman), in both their communist mode where the government owns all property, and the fascist one, where the government controls use of all property while leaving private citizens with nominal paper ownership of it.

Surprisingly, though, while thought of as being pro-big government liberals also like anarchies, which are political systems where there is no organized government. In anarchies private mafia-type organizations fill the vacuum left by the absence of a government, with the ability to do anything they like and make whatever laws they want with no due process obligations or other accountability to anyone. Liberals try to get control over these mafias so they can rule however they want to. Liberals who favor anarchy include Occupy Wall Street, WTO protesters and to a great degree the Black Lives Matter Movement, as evidenced by their attacks on police and protests against law and order.

Also surprising is liberals’ deference towards theocratic dictatorships like Iran or ISIS. While thought of as atheistic and Godless, liberals actually do believe in God – when, of course, they get to play God and can justify what they want in the name of God.

Other political systems liberals like: slavery, because it creates legal rights to coercively control and live off of other people against their will. After all, remember that the Democrats were the political party of the Confederacy.  It’s no coincidence that the party of the Confederacy is also the party of the liberals.

They also like welfare states, like the modern United States or Weimar Germany, for two main reasons: first, the welfare state protects mindless nonthinkers from the consequences of their inability to think.  Screw up on the job at work because you’re unproductive and get fired? No problem; the welfare state’s got your back with a myriad of benefits including welfare, AFDC, SNAP, unemployment, Medicaid, etc. The second aspect of the welfare state liberals like is the strings attached to these programs, which can potentially be used as leverage to compel aid recipients to support liberals’ aims. Want to keep getting food stamps?  How about continuing to have Medicaid pay for your cancer meds?  No more Facebook posts or internet tweets about how you like the Tea Party Patriots or the Rush Limbaugh show.

Liberals like government coining of money and central banking because it allows them to inflate a country’s currency and use it to reward their political allies. In my blog post “How to End Deficit Spending: with Private Bank Notes”, October 2015, I explain how inflation is a form of theft which allows liberals and their cronies to steal under color of law the values they feel they need but can’t produce.

Liberals are deferential to countries and organizations that have the types of political systems they favor: North Korea, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, China, the former fascist dictatorships of Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain, and Peronist Argentina; Salvador Allende’s Chile; Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela; Ferdinand Marcos’ Philippines; and Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh. They are even supportive of Nazi Germany though they are discrete about it, to avoid alienating Jews. They support the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other Islamic terror groups.

Whatever political systems liberals favor, there is one attribute none of them have: respect for individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Liberals hate individual rights because, as I explain in my blog post “The Long Lost Doctrine of Individual Rights”, September 2015, rights are a limitation on their ability to initiate physical force or fraud against other people to steal the things they want.  Because capitalism is a political system that respects individual rights and bans the initiation of force and fraud liberals hate it, view it as a threat to their lives and oppose it vehemently. Any candidates for office who propose, as did John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, to fight systems like communism and take the country in a more capitalist direction are opposed by liberals to the point of physical assassination.

Because they view individual rights as a mortal threat, liberals try to keep people from protecting their rights. They favor gun control, for example, to keep their victims from fighting back.  While they want to deprive humans of their rights they support animal ‘rights’ which, as I explain in my blog post “The Long Lost Doctrine of Individual Rights”, September 2015, are not only nonsensical but are actually designed to prevent people from defending themselves against animals that might do them harm.

Because liberals hate capitalism, they also hate any institutions and countries that support and fight for capitalism. They hate the United States and desire to “fundamentally transform” it, as Barack Obama says. American public schools regularly use Cinco de Mayo – a relatively unimportant Mexican holiday – as an opportunity to bash the United States in front of impressionable young students. They hate forces that defend individual rights and capitalism, including local police as evidenced by their reactions to incidents in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri. They hate the CIA and the United States military, as evidenced by the actions and statements of Jane Fonda and John Kerry, and impose on it onerous rules of engagement to keep it from defending the country; then they zealously prosecute any soldiers for even the slightest infractions or even alleged infractions (i.e., Ilario Pantano, Abu Graib)[3]. They make deals like the recent agreement with Iran which in essence allows it to develop nuclear weapons in the future, or the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties (SALT) where the United States agreed to limit its nuclear arms arsenal with the former Soviet Union. They mistreat veterans as evidenced by the actions of the VA. They hate the Constitution, claiming it is a “living” document that should be re-written the way they want it through judicial activism. They hate Israel.

Regarding immigration liberals want to fill the United States with people who hate capitalism, individual rights and limited government and keep out the people who like these things.  For example, they want America-loving Cubans who dislike and are fleeing the communist Castro dictatorship to essentially drown in the Florida Straits or rot in prison back in Cuba and will use any excuse or tortured legal interpretation to make this happen. For example, when six year old Elian Gonzalez made it to the United States President Bill Clinton and University of Miami law professor David Abraham used the fact that Elian’s father was still alive in Cuba as an excuse to deport him, when under American law Elian was actually entitled to American citizenship (the relevant test is the best interests of the child, rather than the domicile of the father, and there was ample evidence that it was in Elian’s best interests to remain in Miami).

Yet liberals have an enormous problem with building a wall along the Mexican border to keep out gangsters, drug cartel members, child smugglers, and even terrorists who might establish sleeper cells in the United States. And they support so-called “sanctuary cities” that harbor illegal immigrants who commit crimes against Americans, like the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco.

To keep their racket of looting their victims going, liberals have to intellectually disarm their victims so that they don’t understand what’s happening and are unable to mount any kind of philosophical opposition to it. Intellectual disarmament means the inability to validate or invalidate abstract ideas or facts.  If people are bombarded by ideas or facts that they can’t validate or invalidate, they are helpless to effectively oppose them and eventually end up accepting them by default.  And the liberals’ racket rolls on unopposed.

In addition to respect for individual rights, in any of the liberals’ political systems something else is always missing: freedom of speech. To keep everyone intellectually disarmed and unable to philosophically fight back, liberals need censorship to control what information people can disseminate about them – and severely punish anyone saying anything they find threatening.  As Rush Limbaugh says, if there’s one thing liberals don’t want, it’s to be found out.

To intellectually disarm people liberals use a number of techniques. One is dishonest rationalizations supporting their desires called propaganda. The Nazis and Communists were infamous for using it. “But your old health care plan was garbage” is a modern example of propaganda used to justify terminating many people’s insurance under Obamacare. “The economy is overheating” is also propaganda used to justify economically destructive measures, such as raising interest rates at the Fed. (The truth of the matter is an economy can never “overheat” in a pejorative sense because lots of economic activity – so long as there really is demand for it – is never a bad thing.)  “Consumer spending drives the economy” is propaganda used to justify liberals printing money and giving it to political allies. “Deflation causes an economic death spiral” is propaganda used to scare people away from economic prosperity and towards inflation.

A major part of liberals’ propaganda is projection of the characteristics of liberals and liberal political systems onto capitalists and capitalism, and vice versa. Liberals project their personal characteristics onto their enemies and vice versa. Liberals call their enemies “dumb hayseeds” who are “uncaring, bigoted, sexist, racist, homophobic” and “intolerant” while they label themselves smart, caring, compassionate, big hearted, open minded and, perhaps most ironically, tolerant.  They say they are justified in stealing people’s values from them and ordering them around because they are better people who know what is good for everyone else.

The truth is 180 degrees off from this. Liberals are the true dummies who are bigoted, uncaring and racist. While I don’t know much about homophobia, I suspect that at root liberals really don’t care for homosexuals any more on the whole than conservatives do (and probably a whole lot less). What liberals do is pander to homosexuals, like they do to women and Jews, and try to scare them away from voting for conservatives. As for intelligence liberals don’t impress me with their filibustering, interrupting, intimidating, rationalizing, beating around the bush, changing the topic and arguing from intimidation by not answering the questions they are asked but rather the ones they wish they were asked. None of this is intelligence but rather just a veneer of it to fool the gullible. Also I am told, as is everyone in the universe, how smart Hillary Clinton is. But I’m just told that; I’ve never seen any evidence of it. I’ve never heard her say something intelligent though I’ve heard a multitude of stupid things, like presidents not having to give their criminal history as she uttered recently. As for being caring, it’s usually Republicans who give more to charity.

And it’s actually liberals who are racists, not conservatives. Because they can’t mentally handle abstractions, liberals are the ones who are probably dumb enough to regard someone as less moral or intelligent because of their skin color, ethnicity or other physical attributes (and again, I don’t think they like African Americans as much as they just pander to them). The membership of the KKK over the years, having been almost all Democratic (the late Senator Robert Byrd, D-WV, was a Grand Kleagle), bears this out.

Yet their projection is most grotesque regarding open mindedness and tolerance. As said earlier, liberals are not beyond physically torturing and mass murdering – let alone firing, defaming, and destroying the life of – anyone they regard as a threat, demonstrating a zero tolerance for any dissent they don’t like. Examples of liberal intolerance aren’t hard to find, particularly on college campuses with political correctness, speech codes and witch hunts for the slightest violations.

Liberals regularly project onto capitalist societies what the liberals’ favored, non-capitalist societies actually are: racist, socially unjust and tyrannical. They accuse capitalism of being a system that starves people while virtually nobody starves in capitalist countries and millions starve in their politically correct anarchies and dictatorships like North Korea. They regularly smear the United States as racist – and point to slavery under the Confederacy as evidence – when in fact the United States, which elected Barack Obama twice when he wasn’t even all that great a president, is probably less racist than almost any other country.  Liberals accuse the United States of torture and point to waterboarding as evidence while the countries they favor torture so brutally Colonel Oliver North had to carry a poison pill with him on a spy mission into Iran. He needed the pill because if he were ever caught the torture would be so brutal he’d end up broken and divulging information to the Iranians.

Another technique liberals use to intellectually disarm people is by toying with the meanings of abstract concepts. For thinking to be useful, the meanings of the concepts we use must be clear, precise and logically correct. This isn’t often a problem for concrete concepts, because their meanings are perceptually self-evident. It is, however, an enormous problem regarding abstract concepts. If a concept is clear and precise but not logically correct, you’ll induce incorrect facts from it; if it’s not clear and precise, you won’t be able to induce anything worthwhile from it. And you won’t be able to get any further in the thinking process than that either.  In particular you won’t be able to get a nice, integrated context against which you can figure out whether anything makes sense or not.

One way liberals toy with the meanings of abstractions is to sloppily define them, without enough of a context. As said earlier, there are two ways liberals use abstract concepts incorrectly: by using them the way large numbers of other people do, whether the meaning actually makes any sense or not (i.e., the word “literally”), and by using them to mean perceptual level concretes associated with them.  To toy with abstractions’ meanings, liberals simply make an erroneous definition from either of these ways the definition.  For example, as mentioned previously, “love” is an emotion resulting from seeing one’s most important values in another person.  But liberals define it as “a deep affection for another person”. The problem with this definition has been discussed previously. Also consider the concept “explain”.  What it means is to relate something to what you already know. But the way liberals define it is “to make clear”.  Oh that’s a big help. Make clear how??!

One concept the misunderstanding of which has been particularly tragic is the aforementioned “values”.  “Values” qualifies as an abstraction because, while some values are concretes (i.e., food), others are abstract (i.e., romantic love).  The meaning of “values” has devolved from those things that are valuable for a happy life to a vague, mentally crippling mishmash of a combination of values and virtues, with no clear distinction between the two.  As said earlier, virtues are not synonymous with values; rather, they are character traits that get people their values, like rationality, honesty, integrity, justice, independence, productiveness and pride (real pride, not foolish pride). The consequence of blurring the line between values and virtues has made the all-important concept of “values” so amorphous that, when anyone today uses the word, virtually nobody listening knows what he is talking about.

This is a disaster for everyone because understanding the correct meaning of values is necessary for people to achieve values and live a happy life. Values are a necessity for life and every voluntary act anyone takes during his life should be done in furtherance of some value or another. When the word “values” becomes essentially a meaningless wildcard in people’s minds, they literally don’t know what they are living for. They end up lost, not knowing that life is about pursuing and achieving values, and ultimately not knowing how to live.  They end up looking for guidance from anyone who is willing to tell them what to do to live – and, given their desire to control other people, the liberals are only too happy to do so.

Liberal intellectuals have further muddied the meanings of certain philosophically important abstract concepts by taking advantage of the ignorance by large numbers of people of their meanings, simply declaring them undefinable. Such ‘undefinable’ concepts include: time (which actually means movement across space), art (which means concretization of abstract philosophical ideas, through sculpture, painting, literature, drama, music and dance), and humor (which is a logically consistent but contextually absurd application of logic, like a dog so small you can kill it with a can of Raid).

Another technique liberals use to intellectually disarm people: pseudo-concepts with secret meanings, also called anti-concepts.  An anti-concept has two meanings: an alleged one and a real one.  The alleged one is designed to sound benign and fool people into thinking it’s a legitimate idea, while the real one is to attack something the liberal doesn’t like (usually happiness in the ethical context, and capitalism in the political and economic contexts). For example, “bipartisanship” is an anti-concept. Its alleged meaning is cooperation between the two main political parties.  Its real meaning, however, is the Republicans, the more capitalistic of the two parties, even though they are the party in power, caving in to the liberal Democrats. (As proof, notice “bipartisanship” is never used by the liberal media against Democrats to order them to “work with” Republicans.) Other anti-concepts include “extremism”, “isolationism”, “anti-government”, “commercialism”, “divisiveness”, “reform”, etc.  (Naïve Republicans fall for anti-concepts all the time and look like idiots when they use them.)

Perhaps the cruelest intellectual disarmament is what liberals do to dumb down children.  To educate children to grow up into productive thinkers who can choose their own values and live happily by their own efforts, their teachers need to present material in a logical hierarchy with the most basic material presented first and then new material that builds on it presented next and integrated with that previously learned. For example, in arithmetic a student learns 6+4=10; then later in algebra, the concept of a variable is added to the rules of arithmetic and the student learns 6x+4x=10x.

But this is not how liberals want to ‘educate’ children. Instead in public schools liberal education professors, like the aforementioned philosopher John Dewey and his followers, push scams like so-called Progressive Education and its more modern variants, including “whole language” reading, the “new math”, “outcome based education”, and the current scourge of “common core”. In all of these, material is presented out of its logical hierarchy and out of context, so that it can not be integrated and properly understood but rather ends up an incomprehensible hash of floating, disconnected facts the student thinks has nothing to do with anything. This is why when these kids grow up and Jesse Watters interviews them they hardly know anything. (Watch for an upcoming blog post on proper and improper education of children.)

  1. …and what to do about them

So that my friends, is the sordid nature of liberals; Now, what to do about them.

First, what not to do about them:  The line immediately before the one I quoted previously from the Pink Floyd song “Dogs of War” goes like this: “The dogs of war don’t negotiate/The dogs of war won’t capitulate.”  Negotiating is worthless with liberals because they never give up on their quests to destroy values.

And quests to destroy values, is a totally accurate description of what they do. The mistake conservatives make in assessing liberals’ desires is concluding that liberals, like conservatives, are really ultimately after values – maybe different values than conservatives want, but they still want values for a happy life.  Will someone tell me what values liberals were pursuing when they murdered Linda Rolain and four American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya?  When FDR sent the MS St. Louis, a ship full of Jewish refugees, back to Europe during World War II (causing over 25% of the passengers to be murdered by the Nazis)?  When FDR and Barack Obama deliberately exacerbated the Great Depression and the Great Recession?  When Bill Clinton deported Elian Gonzalez? When they killed the Keystone Pipeline project? When they ‘teach’ school children math under common core in such a convoluted way their parents can’t even understand it?  When they expel fifth graders for biting into pop tarts the wrong way?  When they allow the country to be invaded by gangs and drug cartels?  When Bill Clinton did worse than nothing (by bombing an empty aspirin factory in Sudan) against the terrorists who bombed the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, and the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, giving Al Qaeda the green light for 9/11 – and then the liberal professors blamed the United States for the attack? When the liberal VA bureaucrats murdered veterans in a VA hospital in Phoenix?  When Jimmy Carter allowed 15% inflation and Iran to seize our embassy and hold over 50 Americans hostage for over a year? When they tortured and murdered African Americans for trying to vote? When they turned black neighborhoods into economically stagnant, dangerous ghettos with redlining under the FHA and then blamed private banks? When they let communists in Southeast Asia murder tens of millions of innocent people after the end of the Vietnam War? When they used eminent domain and Urban Renewal to destroy people’s homes, allegedly for new projects that were to help the economy but which were never built?  When they threw millions of people out of their homes for the Interstate Highway system and paid them 15 cents on the dollar for the value of the property they took? When they used the FDA and the environmental movement to murder millions of people needlessly from curable diseases?

Oh, in every one of these SNAFUs (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) everyone says these were the “unintended consequences of good intentions”… my ass. Good intentions mean intending to pursue values of some kind.  Liberals, as I’ve said, don’t pursue values.  For reasons discussed previously, they are against values and are out to annihilate them – as this litany of disaster proves.

Because they do not value, you don’t negotiate with them.  You don’t compromise with them. You don’t meet them halfway or cut deals with them.  Because when you do, you don’t help them to achieve their values. You help them to destroy everyone’s values, make everyone miserable, and ultimately take down American (and possibly worldwide?) civilization. This is not over-exaggerated hyperbole; it’s the truth. Look at what the barbarians did to the Roman Empire and the Mongols did to the Abbasid Caliphate, Islam’s golden age.  (Watch for upcoming blog posts on thinking in Western and Moslem history.)  We’re next.

Because the cause of their nihilism is their ignorance regarding how to reduce abstractions to concretes, liberals will not become ‘nicer’ when Republicans compromise or otherwise give them what they want.  This is not only destructive, but also ineffective because the root cause of the liberals’ problem will remain unaddressed.

So what should the good guys do to fight the bad guys?

Stand on principle. Thanks to the aforementioned liberals’ toying with the language this sounds like a worthless mindless cliché.  And it would be, without any knowledge of the principles one should stand on.

But nowadays we’re beyond that and have some idea of the principles to stand on. The first principle to stand on is that government force is to be used to protect individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness, not to violate them. So legislation needs to be analyzed to determine whether it will protect rights or violate them. If legislation is found to violate individual rights, it needs to be opposed. Anyone in Congress regardless of party who supports such legislation need to be notified and, if they do not back down in their support, their names need to be taken down and they need to be opposed in the next election. Organizations like The Heritage Foundation have a good infrastructure for doing this. Meanwhile, term limits would be useful for preventing the creation of a political class that puts the desires of wealthy special interest donors above the protection of individual rights, so term limits should be fought for vehemently.

As for opposition to individual rights from the media, again, taking down names of reporters who support liberalism and smear individual rights is a good idea. These reporters need to be publicly confronted with the meaning and consequences of the stands they take by people like James O’Keefe, Jesse Watters or Kat Timpf.

Also, businesses that use their immense revenues to support liberalism must be confronted. In Ayn Rand’s novels Gail Wynand in The Fountainhead and Hank Rearden in Atlas Shrugged were successful businessmen who supported liberal causes, not fully understanding the destructiveness of what they were doing. In real life there are many Wynand’s and Rearden’s, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who support liberal causes by promoting common core or giving huge donations to liberal bastions like Harvard University. These people and their companies are in one sense the guiltiest people of all, because without their support liberals would lose much of their funding and would become far less destructive. Happily, such people can be confronted and even turned, as Sean Hannity showed with former Shell Oil CEO John Huffmeister.

Notwithstanding all of this, however, the most important principle to stand on is that thinking is how we live. Without thinking all there is is death. So liberals, no matter who they are, need to be confronted with the fact that they don’t think properly.  As a model for how to do this, I remember the scene in Top Gun where “Ice Man” Kazansky (Val Kilmer) very seriously and adamantly tells Peter “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) that he doesn’t like him because his lack of self esteem and confidence makes him too dangerous to fly practice missions with.

Kudos to Val Kilmer for showing the Republicans the right way to do it. The issue of whether people should live by thinking is far too important to be treated lightly.  Republicans in Washington need to tell Democrats in no uncertain terms that they do not like them because they are too dangerous to govern with – and they are too dangerous because they don’t think properly. Republicans need to learn that all valid concepts, no matter how abstract, can be reduced to concretes.  They then need to lead and live by example, not using terms they don’t know the meanings of and making clear that government force is for protecting individual rights.  When Democrats start to act out or want to bring to the floor bad legislation, they need to be confronted – publicly if necessary – with the essence of what they are supporting and the implications of what they are doing, and denied any help in doing it.

I want to close with some facts about what the near future really holds. Liberals love to say that conservatives cannot win elections without giving up conservative principles (ultimately meaning, living by thinking) and attracting some non-thinking “moderates” or “centrists” or “independents” to their side.  This is not only hogwash, it’s yet again an example of liberals projecting. In truth, when scouring Real Clear Politics for approximate amounts conservatives are about 47% of the American public, liberals are about 34%, and those who do not consider themselves either or don’t know are about 19%. So it’s the liberals who really need the 19% in the middle far more than the conservatives do.

Yet the Republicans act as if they represent the 34% rather than the 47%. For example, ironically while running for President Mitt Romney said that, since “47%” of Americans receive government benefits, they must be against him. Romney’s error was in assuming that if someone receives government benefits, he is automatically an unthinking liberal in favor of the welfare state. But how many such people would love to stop receiving these benefits in exchange for a job?  Or voluntary charity, if they need it?  With no government strings attached that take away their liberty? Today, both Democrats and Republicans are pessimistic about the 2016 election – Republicans because they feel they have no chance against Hillary Clinton, and Democrats because they know (barring something cataclysmic) they have no chance with Hillary Clinton. As evidence read H.A. Goodman’s blog in The Huffington Post posted on October 26, 2015 about what people in battleground states think of Hillary’s honesty and trustworthiness, and polling data from Minnesota and Pennsylvania from Real Clear Politics showing how she’s doing.

Republicans feel the way they do certainly not because the American people are against them, but because America’s intellectuals in our universities are – and they set the tone for the media through the journalism schools, and the culture.  This is ultimately our biggest problem: the hostility of academia to thinking, as evidenced by what’s currently happening at the University of Missouri and other colleges nationwide. Its’ part of a trend that has been going on since the 1780’s and is the subject of my next blog post – if I’m not assassinated by the liberals for writing this one, of course.

[1] Thinking is not con games and other fraudulent schemes.  Thinking means observing and acknowledging reality so you can achieve values. Values cannot still be values if obtained fraudulently, as I wrote in “So what are Values, Anyway?”.  Fraud involves not acknowledging reality consistently but rather evading some aspect of it, usually the fact that the individual rights of the victim (often regarding property) are being violated by the scammer. Fraud involves exploiting some ignorance in a victim to get something from him he would not give up knowingly.

[2] Insider trading should not even be illegal because there is no violation of rights associated with it; buyers and sellers of publicly traded securities do not have a right to a favorable outcome when they make their trades.

[3] For why the civilian side of the Federal Government mistreats the military, see my blog post “Why our Government Mistreats our Troops”, July 2015.


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