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“Hillary Rodham Clinton Acted Mindlessly”?: blog by Branehart

“Hillary Rodham Clinton Acted Mindlessly”?

By Branehart


Recently while talking about the “banning the box” issue regarding past criminal history on job applications, Hillary Clinton made the comment that “former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process.”  She then continued as if she hadn’t made a mistake.

Her supporters were quick to point out that she meant former prisoners will no longer have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process.  The truth is, though, she didn’t.  And she didn’t mean presidents, either.  She meant nothing.  She meant nothing because Hillary is mindless.  She does not think about any issue that is any more abstract than what is patently self-evident.

I always find it a little inappropriate when a commentator – particularly a centrist/rightward leaning one like Bill O’Reilly – says something to the effect of “well Mrs. Clinton wants such and such” or “Mrs. Clinton voted for the Iraq War”, or “Mrs. Clinton is more hawkish on foreign policy than other Democrats”, etc. It’s inappropriate because Hillary doesn’t want anything or believe anything, except her own arbitrary, disintegrated, la-la land emotional drivel of the moment. With this kind of mentality, the fact that she voted a certain way on a specific issue or publicly took a certain stand in and of itself means nothing.

A common criticism of Hillary is that she sounds “scripted”.  There’s a good reason for this: it’s because she is scripted.  She is constantly being told what to say by advisors and has little if any understanding of the substance of what she’s saying.

The media tell us constantly how smart Hillary Clinton is, yet this is probably done to hide the truth that she is an idiot.  She never seems to make intelligent comments.  She did fail the Washington, D.C. Bar Exam (though she passed the Arkansas exam).  She does not answer reporters’ questions clearly.  Dick Morris and George Stephanopoulos – hardly anyone’s idea of a vast right wing conspiracy – have both been critical of her abilities.  After law school she received no job offers according to Morris, only getting an offer from The Rose Law Firm in Little Rock after Bill Clinton became the Arkansas Attorney General.  Her “achievements” in the United States Senate consisted almost entirely of meaningless legislation such as renaming courthouses and the like.

Not only is she mindless, though.  She is also unpatriotic.

As I said in my post “Why Liberals are such JERKS (and what to do about them)” (November 2015), mindless people do not exactly care for societies, like the United States, that are based on or value thinking.  In the United States it doesn’t matter what your race or ethnicity or parentage or gender is; if you think, work hard and end up productive, you can become successful.  This is how the vast majority of people in our country became prosperous, making it into the middle class if not higher.  It is the American way.

But it isn’t Hillary’s way.  She doesn’t get her wealth by thinking and producing values for exchange like a legitimate businessman.  Rather, she seeks out and teams up with politically powerful people so she can be a power broker, using leverage to trade favors for kickbacks.  This is why she married Bill, attaching herself, in the words of Rush Limbaugh, to a guy who was going places.

Because Hillary’s way isn’t the American way, she has contempt for America and the people who defend it.  That’s why it should come as no surprise that while in law school she interned for a communist or was a devotee of Saul Alinsky.

Nor should it be a surprise that she not only failed to protect four U.S. diplomats from being murdered in Benghazi, Libya when the U.S. consulate there was under siege in a planned, coordinated terrorist attack.  She also had the gall, as insult to injury, to lie about the circumstances of the attack to absolve herself from blame.  Because the attack was planned and coordinated, as Secretary of State she either knew or should have known about it from intelligence and therefore had a duty to do what she could to protect American interests.  She acknowledged it was a planned attack, as evidenced by her telling the President of Libya, the Prime Minister of Egypt, and her daughter that it was, yet she did nothing to get extra protection for the consulate. She then told the American people – including the relatives of the slain diplomats at their funerals – that it was not a planned attack at all, but rather a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim video made by an American that she could not have known about in advance and therefore could do nothing about.

Nor should it come as a surprise that as Secretary of State she had a secret, unsecure server at her home on which she saved thousands of State Department emails containing highly classified information. This server was probably hacked into by enemies of the United States including the Russian and Chinese governments, giving them access to this information and putting the country’s security at risk.  Nor should it be a surprise that she lied profusely when asked about it and arrogantly continues to do so.

Her mindlessness and contempt for America make her mean, cold and “hard” – too “hard” to be likeable enough to win a presidential election – so she is constantly trying to “soften her image”.  What version of image softening are we on by now, is it, um, Hillary Clinton 32.0 maybe?

What would be in store for America if this phony, malicious monstrosity of a homo sapiens were to win the 2016 presidential election?  First of all, because of her mindlessness she wouldn’t be ruling the country; rather her advisers would be.  These advisers are basically professors from academia who hate thinking and hate America – and have it in for us.  As I said in my post “The History of Thinking in Western History” (November 2015), our intellectuals are currently in an anti-thinking trend, in love with Kant and not with America.  As bad as things have become under Barack Obama, who by no means is an America lover, under Hillary Clinton’s cadre things will probably become far worse. This is not farfetched, particularly with Iran on the verge of having nuclear weapons.  Rome burned while Nero fiddled.  America could burn – while Hillary cackles.

How do we Republicans prevent this?  Remember our ABC – Anyone But Clinton.  No matter how much you dislike Rubio or Bush or Kasich or Christie or Fiorina or Trump or Cruz or whoever the heck else is running on the Republican side, remember this: any of them would be far better than Hillary Clinton.  While it is true that the more liberal RINO types like Bush and Kasich could screw up and leave the door open for Democratic presidents in the future the way Bush’s father and brother did for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (see my post “Democrats Only Win the White House When Republicans Blunder”, October 2015), all is certainly not lost if heaven forbid one of them ends up the nominee.  All it means is that we activists will have to work a little harder in the meantime to prevent the White House from changing hands back to the Democrats than we would if someone who is more of a Constitutional Conservative were to be the nominee. But even if you don’t like the nominee, remember ABC – and DSH (Don’t Stay Home) on Election Day.




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