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What makes America Better: a blog by Branehart

What makes America Better

By Branehart


Universities, governments, and media all over the world love to attack the United States.  America is too greedy, selfish, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, intolerant, consumes too much of the world’s resources and pollutes too much;  and we torture when we water-board terrorists. America must be cut down to size and be made more like the rest of the world.

This is so ridiculous I’m embarrassed to have to explain it.  Greedy – the USA is the world’s most generous military defender and aid donor.  Selfish, yes – in a good sense: the pursuit of happiness – but not in the bad sense: hedonism, in the form of mindless dictatorship or anarchy. Misogynistic – when no one levels the charge at Muslim countries?  Racist – when we have a black president and fought a war to end race-based slavery?  Homophobic – again, when no one levels the charge at Muslim countries? Intolerant – when our justice system is consistently based on freedom of speech and innocence until guilt is proven?  Consumes too many resources – when we create more value with those resources than any other country?  Pollute – far less than China or India, but nobody complains about them or anyone else doing it.  Torture?…  Waterboarding? … When other countries ruthlessly beat political prisoners to within inches of their lives and often actually murder them?

It’s true the world’s intellectual community hates America and wants to destroy it.  But, as the fore-going demonstrates they don’t hate us because of our guilt, they actually hate us out of envy because of our virtue.  They hate us because we are better;  and we really are better.

We’re better because we are a society based on the pursuit of happiness, which is the most fundamental of individual rights.

In other countries, with possibly the exceptions of Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and many in Western Europe, a person has the opportunities that the clique in power – which is a combination of government officials plus those politically connected business interests who fund them – lets him have.  If he does anything to offend the clique in any way, he is blacklisted and can find himself starving in a cardboard shack with no money and no job prospects.

In the United States it is different.  You can choose the values you want to pursue and then pursue them by right.  Instead of being the enforcement arm of a clique that tries to restrict opportunities to only those it favors, the federal and state governments in the United States are restricted on principle to protecting everyone’s individual rights to life, liberty and property, so that everyone can have a shot at the pursuit of happiness.

It is this emphasis on allowing people to pursue their happiness so long as they don’t violate anyone else’s rights to life, liberty or property that allowed the united states to go from a poor, agrarian society in the eighteenth century to the world’s cultural and economic leader by the twentieth. We’ve gotten away from this and have been drifting, particularly under Democratic administrations, towards a clique-based, it’s not what you know but who you know kind of a society.



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