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The Pit and the Purpose: A Blog by Branehart

The Pit and the Purpose

 By Branehart

I have talked at length in previous blog posts about how thinking is the most important value people have because it gives us all of our other values. The second most important value, having a purpose in life, is also vitally important and deserves its own post, so here I go.

A purpose is an overriding reason for choosing the values one pursues. As I said in my previous post “So What are Values, Anyway?” (August 2015), having a purpose is vital because it determines, out of a huge number of potential choices, which values someone should pursue. Unlike lower animals, we as humans do not act automatically in response to what we perceive so, unlike lower animals we actually have a choice as to how to act and what to go after. This gives us the benefit of being able to control our lives and achieve happiness in ways that are unattainable to other animals. The flip side of this though, is that unlike lower animals we have the chore of consciously figuring out what to go after because if we don’t we stagnate and die.

That’s where a purpose comes in. People need to choose a purpose because we have to plan which values we’ll pursue over the course of our entire lives; there is no point where we become like lower animals and start automatically regarding some things as values, the way a grizzly automatically goes after a salmon. For most people their purpose is their career with their career choice determining what is of value to them. If you want to be a doctor, for example, you have to have as values going to medical school and doing a residency. If you want to be a lawyer you have to go to law school, etc. Some people who are independently wealthy can make a hobby their purpose; either way, whether it’s a career or a hobby, everyone still needs a purpose. If someone doesn’t organize his values according to an overarching purpose, he drifts from one thing to another like a playboy who never really becomes very good at anything, never produces anything of significant value that he can make a decent living selling to anyone, and probably ends up poor and miserable.

A purpose has to be something that is in demand (e.g., you can be an automotive engineer, not a buggy whip engineer), something that you like enough to be all-in for and something you actually have an ability to do. For example, I think I can remember actually playing basketball once in my entire life and sucking at it. For me to want to be a professional basketball player in the NBA would therefore be ridiculous not only because of the infinitesimal odds of anyone actually making it on to a team, but also because I don’t play well to begin with. However, I had very good grades in high school and college and a strong interest in philosophy, political science and law. So becoming a lawyer or a writer might be a rational choice.

A major problem today is that young people are not taught how to choose a purpose. I’m reminded of Dr. Phil’s story on The Kelly File about Chris, a forty year old man who wanted to be a ‘rock star’ and went through the motions of being a musician while failing miserably, living in his parents’ house and causing them to squander their retirement savings taking care of him. Not only do I wonder if he has any real talent to be a musician, I also wonder if he knows whether he has any real talent to do it. He doesn’t seem to, but if he does, again I wonder if he is all-in enough for doing what it takes to actualize a career doing it. Again, it doesn’t seem like it. What it seems like is that he never knew how to take seriously the need to select a purpose, and with his back to the wall, is now just playing games.

Many young people today seem like Chris, maybe not as extreme but still drifting through life trying one thing or another until they ‘fall into something’ or ‘something clicks’, and never really happy with what happens to them. This is what happens to the Leonardo DiCaprio character in the movie Revolutionary Road, for whom the last thing he wanted was to spend his life working at Knox Machines the way his father did. Guess what? He ended up spending his life working at Knox Machines the way his father did.

Of the requirements for a fulfilling purpose, it seems the one that causes the most trouble for people is that it be something that someone likes enough to be all-in for. That may be because people are told to suppress their desires and ‘serve other people’. Again a movie comes to mind, this time Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. At the end of the segment on middle age, a waiter in his 50’s tells the viewers to come with him on a ridiculously long walk from inner London out into the countryside to the house where he grew up. Once there, he tells the viewers that the thing that stuck with him when growing up was his parents telling him to “make other people happy”; he says on the basis of this, he became a waiter. He then says that he knows it’s not much, but…and then suddenly he becomes upset and angry, telling the viewers, who followed him all the way out there, to just go away and get lost as he walks away towards the house disgusted.

This is actually a very sad and troubling scene in the movie because it exposes an erroneous conflation that has been ruining good people’s lives for perhaps millennia: that if you do what you want, you become a crazed hedonistic lunatic who will hurt other people and only by suppressing your desires will you be fit to live with and trade with other people.

The truth is the opposite: only by doing what you like enough to be all-in for will you be good enough at it to be successful at trading value for value with other people. It’s a non sequitur to say that just because you like doing something, it will be useless to or a danger to other people and producing value for others can only be done by doing something you don’t like. As I said in my post “So What are Values, Anyway?” there are very few limitations on what can be a value and what can’t. One of these is that something is not a value if it is obtained by force or fraud; so therefore, as far as selecting a purpose goes, you can’t be a criminal or a manipulator, or you can be a banker but not a bank robber. But as long as you’re not driven to be a criminal of some kind, feel free to choose what you like; or as INXS once sang in their song “Hear That Sound”: “So your time has come/children watch the fools/don’t let anyone tell you/what you must do/do you like what you see/or does it make you cry/use your imagination/to start a fire.”

Enough about failures to find a purpose, it is time for a story about someone successfully finding one and living happily ever after.

One day in a park, in a wooded mountainous area on the edge of a city, a little girl about seven years old was walking on a trail with her parents. They lived in a subdivision on a mountain just outside the park’s boundaries. The girl became giddy and silly so she started running away from her parents as a joke. She ran down the trail so far they lost sight of each other and she began to get nervous she would get lost, so she started running what she thought was back the way she came. What she really was doing, however, was continuing to run away from her parents and where she previously was… deeper into the woods.

She kept running deeper and deeper into the woods until alongside the trail up ahead she saw a pile of rocks and a fence. Her anxiety changed to curiosity and she decided she’d see what was there. When she got there, however, she screamed at what she saw behind the rocks and fence; a vertical cave shaft so deep she could not see the bottom. She became horrified and traumatized because she knew what would happen to her if she were ever to fall down it. She ran screaming and crying back down the trail to her parents. She had nightmares about the horrible pit for several days afterward.



But then, a couple of weeks later, an interesting thing happened; her terror was replaced by curiosity.  In her mind, several questions started coming up over and over again. Why was that pit there?  Was it natural or manmade?  Where does it go?  Did anyone ever fall down it?  Can people go down it safely and what’s at the bottom?  Are there other such pits in other places?

She remembered the location of the pit in the park and knew where the park was in relation to her house and school, so one day she decided on her way home after school to see the pit.  She went there and noticed the colors, shapes, striations and fractures in the rocks.  She looked over the edge from as close as she could safely get to it and saw the bottom far down with what looked like a pile of debris in it.  She saw birds and bats flying out of it, and lizards, snakes, chipmunks and squirrels at the top by the edge.  All of this made her even more curious, so every so often on her way home from school, she would visit the pit.  On one visit, as so often happens in that part of the country, a violent thunderstorm started.  Although soaking wet she was fascinated when she saw the rainwater cascading down the abyss. She wondered where the water went.  She saw the rocks over which the water fell seemed smooth and wondered if the water had something to do with forming the pit.

Then one day on one of her visits she became extremely lucky.  As she approached the pit she saw ropes tied around trees near the edge and people going down into and coming up out of the pit!  She ran over to talk to them.  “Don’t play here, little girl, it is dangerous!” they told her.  But she started to pepper them with the questions that had been on her mind for several months now.  They started to laugh a little nervously at her intelligence and intense curiosity, and wondered what was really going on.  Some of them started to give her satisfactory answers but they seemed too busy with other things to spend much time with her.  Then suddenly, an old man with gray hair, big muscles, and leathery skin wearing gloves and a tank top came up a rope over the top of the pit.  He seemed friendly, knowledgeable and older than the other people in the group and was obviously, the group’s leader.

He started telling her about how this was a cave that formed in a kind of rock called limestone, and it was vertical because water erodes limestone and when there’s a vertical crack between two large blocks of limestone, water will over a long period of time erode out a vertical space like this one.  He explained that the water goes down the pit to something called the water table, which is the level of groundwater underground, and that people sometimes drill wells to get their drinking water from the water table.  “But what if the rainwater’s polluted?” She asked him.  “Well that could be a serious problem,” he replied.  “If you’re this interested in caves, you should study geology.  It’s the science of rocks,” he told her as the group packed up and left.

All this conversation with the cavers made her even more curious.  She was stoked about following up on all the information she received!  She saw the equipment they used, learned about limestone, groundwater, and geology.  She became nuts about these things. When she went to high school she became part of a caving club and eventually rappelled down into the pit.  She also developed a fascination with science, particularly chemistry, acing the class with perfect grades. She went to college to study geology and learned all about all kinds of rocks: sedimentary (which included limestone), igneous and metamorphic.  She did extremely well in college, received her Bachelor’s degree in geology and went on to get her PhD in Sinkhole Mitigation in areas of karst topography.  She eventually married a man who was a civil engineer whose firm she worked for as a geological consultant.  She and her husband eventually moved to Orlando where they opened an office. She later became one of the best structural design consultants in Florida.  Finally, when she died at a very old age she left her family a decent-sized fortune from the family business.

All of this success because when she was seven, she was lost in the woods.  Now, that’s what a life with a purpose looks like.


A Rose by any Other Name: By Charles Robertson

A Rose by any Other Name

By Charles Robertson, co-founder Broward Tea Party

The question arose at our Tea Party Meeting, “should we change our name?” The intention was to remove “Tea Party” from our name. Those who supported the change pointed out that the Tea Party has been effectively portrayed by the liberal media as a radical, fringe, extremist organization. It matters little the inaccuracy or unfairness of the portrayal, what counts is what the public believes. Polling would show that the Tea Party image has suffered, affecting our ability to market our message.   It’s hard to counter public opinion and this negative image makes Tea Party recruiting an uphill struggle. Perhaps they say, with a different name, our group could attract more members.

One way to circumvent the branding burden is to rebrand. A simple name change would immediately neutralize any negative image. A new name would mean a clean slate that could still promote Tea Party principles, an agenda that appeals to mainstream America. That’s an easier sell which could boost membership thus creating a more effective political action group. The pro name changers would argue that results are what matters. If that was all that mattered, I might side with them.

My first thought against a name change is that it’s conceding defeat. This change would reward the smear merchants and leave me, and many others I suspect, feeling cowardly for not defending our team. I’m not for raising the white flag and moving on. Tea Partiers are patriots and fighters for our cause. It would seem hypocritical to fight for our principles while at the same time shedding our identity.

Tea partiers need to relish the attacks, if we weren’t a strong force, there would be no attacks. Even under a new name, if we grew to prominence then we’d again be on the liberal radar dealing with the same smear campaigns. If we changed our name to let’s say, Team Liberty, then it would only be a matter of time before you’d hear us described as, Team Liberty – formerly the Tea Party. The more successful Team Liberty would become the more its opponents would link it to the Tea Party which tells me our name also carries a positive attribute. We’re the staunchly conservative, anti-liberals, and that’s branding we should relish and hold on to.

United we stand. Imagine if most Tea Party groups opted to change their names; that would spell the end of the movement…. the headline – “Tea Party Fractures”. Yet, despite the media onslaught, the Tea Party still maintains millions of faithful members. Should an economic crisis come to pass as many predict, the Tea Party would resurge. The failure of liberal fiscal policy would only validate and vindicate our message. Just as quickly our image would change. The pendulum would swing back to the conservative side, the Tea Party banner would be a beacon to those looking for answers and a new course of action.

My final argument regarding our identity crisis is that our name is just a convenient excuse for our difficulties. We don’t have a good member retention record. I’ve seen scores of people come to the Tea Party looking for the group to support their candidate. They’re quick to go when that doesn’t happen. Our name has nothing to do with that. People get excited and enthused for their leader, not so much for free markets, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. We’ve lost others when our meetings focused on a topic that didn’t interest them… Fickle – pseudo – activists. Finally, our biggest obstacle is apathy, self centered citizens who don’t know and don’t care. There’s no name that would spur them to action.

Perhaps the best thing the Tea party can do is summed up in my favorite saying:

Press On

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

This Blog Is Not for You: By Charles Robertson

This Blog Is Not for You

By Charles Robertson, Co-founder of Broward Tea Party

This Blog may not be for you, but don’t stop reading. Let’s first figure out if you’re on the Intended Readers List. If you’ve ever read one of my blogs or one of the blogs from the Broward Tea Party, then you’re probably not on the Intended Readers List. Likewise, if you attend a Tea Party or similar political action group, you’re most likely one of the engaged, aware, civically responsible citizens and I salute you. I don’t need to reach you; you already get it.   But please keep reading, because I’ll need you to help me get this to this those for whom it is intended – those who would never read a blog relating to politics. You see I’m tired of preaching to the choir. It’s time to spread the message to those who need it most. I’m also skipping my normal, catch more bees with honey approach. This is an in your face, I’m calling you out, guilt trip… whatever works.

To determine where you stand in terms of civic awareness and responsibility, I’ve devised the following three tier rating:

Level 1 – Firefighting 101

The first requirement is a basic understanding of our system of government. Our system is under assault, burning at multiple sources. Yet, most are apathetic and among those who aren’t there remains a large portion that lacks the knowledge of history and government necessary to fight back.

“Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”

~ John Adams

“The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Since “knowledge is power,” let’s test your knowledge to see if you’ve passed this level. Following are the top 10 questions on the U.S. Citizenship test:

Citizenship Test

1. What is the supreme law of the land?


2. What does the Constitution do?


3. The idea of self-government in the first words of the Constitution, What are these words?


4. What is an amendment?


5. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?


6. What is one right or freedom from the First Amendment?


7. How many amendments does the Constitution have?


8. What did the Declaration of Independence do?


9. What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence?


10. What is freedom of religion?



  1. The Constitution
  2.  • Sets up the government • Defines the government • Protects basic rights of Americans
  3. We the People
  4.  • A change (to the Constitution) • An addition (to the Constitution)
  5. The Bill of Rights
  6. Any one of these: Speech, Religion, Assembly, Press, and Petition the government

7. Twenty-seven (27)

8.  Announced our independence (from Great Britain) / Declared our independence (from Great Britain) / Said that the United States is free (from Great Britain)

9.  • Life  • Liberty • Pursuit of happiness

10.    You can practice any religion, or not practice a religion.

If you answered 8 – 10 correctly, congratulations, you passed the same test that is required of immigrants seeking citizenship. If you fell in the range of 6-7 correct answers then you need to brush up on your government. Citizenship may be your birthright but civic responsibility requires a basic understanding of our system. If you answered 5 or less correctly then you’re a pinhead. You’re part of an embarrassingly large portion of our society who is content to be clueless, undeserving of the freedoms you’ve inherited. You can rise above this. Please, read on.


Level 2 – Find the Fire

Pick a fire, any fire. Out of control debt, IRS scandal, Benghazi, unemployment, immigration; the list goes on and on. Once you have a good understanding of our government and our history, you’re ready to engage current events. You have the foundation to speak with authority and the wisdom to provide analysis. At this level, you’re armed with knowledge, prepared to set the record straight. The only thing holding you back is your reluctance to take on the leadership role. You can change minds and set the record straight in conversations, but you’d probably prefer to avoid that. Your country needs you to move out of your comfort zone, to use your knowledge to wake up and persuade others to take action. You can’t fix everything, but if you focus on one issue you can make a difference.  Pick any of those fires and make it your personal cause, join a group, move yourself to level 3.

Level 3 – Join the Firefighters

Those who reach the highest level, who fulfill their civic duty, take on the role of activist. “For God and Country” is an interesting phrase and a rallying call. In four short words, it sets both a priority and a challenge.   Throughout our country and in communities everywhere, people set aside time to worship God every week. So let’s put church service and all the related activities under the category of “For

God”. That leaves “For Country”. ‘What are you doing in this category?” If you’re like most people the answer is precious little! Many will say, “I vote”, as though that alone is all that’s required. Anyone can cast a ballot, some liberals cast many. What’s needed is to study the candidates and issues and make informed votes at every election, especially the small local ones. Fulfilling your civic duty is your obligation; we all share the responsibility to defend freedom.   This requires more than just voting. Give your country a fraction of the time you give to God. While I’d love to suggest the Tea Party as a great means to get involved, the truth is we are one of many great organizations offering similar opportunities. Pick one, any one.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

~ Edmund Burke

Now that you’ve been called out you have 3 choices. First, you can do nothing which makes you a civic deadbeat. At least you can’t unread this message. May the guilt of your apathy fester inside you until the day you become involved. Secondly, you can forward this blog to others. This is passing the buck but at least you might create results via proxy. Lastly, you can join the firefighters at level 3.   “Ding, ding, ding!”, we have a winner – you’re one in a hundred, or 500; who knows. I do know that those who heed the call are rare, the salt of the earth, and our reason to remain optimistic.


Ten Things I Hate About Liberals

Ten Things I Hate About Liberals

By: Charles Robertson, Co-founder of Broward Tea Party

 Liberal“Somebody who wants you to be free as long as you choose from the approved list of freedoms, then fill out the corresponding paperwork and pay the appropriate fee.”

I should have known better since I’ve made this same mistake time and time again.  It was a dinner party at my house which included one of my ultra-liberal friends.   Countless times my friend and I have engaged in heated discussions over politics, yet once again I went plunging headfirst as though now, finally I might enlighten her.  I would’ve had better luck talking to the drywall; at least the drywall would absorb the sound.  In her case, my voice waves simply bounced off her hard head because she didn’t want to hear what I had to say.  Verifiable facts are hard to deal with when they conflict with your ideology.  The whole ordeal reminded me of the many things I hate about Liberals.  For the sake of brevity, I’ll only list my top 10.

  1.  If you don’t like the message attack the messenger.  Sarah Palin is the best example of a smear strategy because she continues to be the target of liberal-mud-slingers.  Instead of honest debate over important issues, liberals resort to their time tested #1 slur – “you’re stupid”.  The leftist media minions lie in wait for that “gotcha” moment when they pounce with a fervor that exposes their biased agenda.  Remember Dan Quayle?   Then there was Joe the Plumber who asked one pointed important question, one the media should have been asking, and what was the result?  He immediately came under fire, an attempt to deflect and diminish the real issue – “why did Barack Obama want to redistribute the wealth, and was that fair?”  The bottom line here is, Conservatives debate with facts and Liberals deal in the politics of personal destruction.


  1. Facts are lost on Liberals.  Liberals actually believe that liberal policies help the needy despite evidence to the contrary. When you point out the facts, they’ll dismiss them, challenge the source and put their hands over their ears chanting, “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.” OK, maybe they don’t do the latter but they may as well for all the consideration they give to the other side.  Liberals are emotional. Conservatives are rational.  If you point to the unsustainable increasing national debt, Liberals will simply point to some poor victim claiming the greedy Republicans don’t care.  To that, I say as Jesus pointed out, “The poor will always be among us”…just like fact-avoiding Liberals in denial.


  1. They’re never satisfied.  The United States spends more money educating our students than any other developed nation, according to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  Despite that fact, the United States ranked 31st in math and 23rd in science among 15-year-old students on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). This supports the argument that higher spending does not equal higher test scores.  Federal education spending per pupil has nearly tripled since 1970 in real, inflation adjusted dollars — but achievement has barely budged.  So how do liberals react to this poor performance?  They cry for more money!  Like a parrot that only says “Hello”, Liberals can only say “more money”.  The reality is, we could spend billions more and they would still want more. They are a black hole of need which will never be satisfied.


  1. Their means justify their ends.  In their pursuit for a progressive utopian society, Liberals will gladly rely on dirty tricks, lies, and deceit while simultaneously claiming the moral high ground. In August 2008, Tom Mattzie, a former director of the George Soros-sponsored, proudly declared in the New York Times a witch hunt against anyone donating to Republicans.  Mattzie declared he would send “warning” letters to the top 10,000 GOP givers “hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions”.  Political warfare has escalated, masked behind a media supported marketing strategy of divert, deny, and attack.  Liberal hypocrites, who heralded a new level of transparency to change the way business is conducted in Washington, have only increased the flow of sewage spewing from the Democratic Party.


  1. Class warfare.  Divide and conquer is the longstanding liberal strategy in play.  In Liberal Land, every reference to Republicans is preceded by the word “greedy”. The wealthy are convenient targets, used to stoke the flames of resentment. It’s an effective means to recruit a growing number who feel both victimized and entitled.   I’ve yet to meet a Liberal who didn’t have a story about some poor victim suffering at the hand of a heartless Republican policy.  Let me pause here while I wipe away a tear.  The top 1%  are condemned.  Let’s face a fact here; Liberals claim to want the 1% to pay their “fair share” (translation: mafia style extortion).   We’ve done the math, which shows that even if we confiscated the entire wealth of the top 1%, it would barely make a dent in our national debt.  The truth is, Liberals want and need the 1% as their scapegoat for failed liberal policies.  They need a bad guy to rally the clueless and secure their votes.

6.  An inconvenient document – our Constitution.  I heard Liberals have rewritten history.  Our  Founding Fathers were racist, sexist, misguided authors who crafted an imperfect Constitution requiring liberal translation to function properly.  This document was not a foundation for democracy but rather a “living, breathing document”.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a wheezing sound emanating from Washington D.C.  That’s the sound of our Constitution gasping for breath after taking countless hits.  What type of abuse you ask? Well it’s been attacked, ignored, circumvented, twisted, ridiculed, and devalued.   If it were a child, it would be in protective custody.  A recent op-ed by Louis Michael Seidman, a professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University, actually advocated that we give up this “vile” thing called the Constitution.  God bless the Tea Party and other true conservatives who proudly defend our Constitution from liberals, who are no longer afraid to publicly bash the fundamentals that guided our great nation.


  1.  Anger Management.  One of the easiest ways to separate Liberals from Conservatives is their demeanor.  Am I the only one who feels the more liberal someone is, the more they’re close-minded, aggressive, combative, obnoxious, rude, pretentious, obtuse, and don’t forget racist.  If you’d prefer a visual comparison, just look at any Tea Party Rally versus the Occupy Wall Street chaos.  At social events, Liberals, who never heed the advice to avoid politics and religion, jump at the chance to hold court as they stand on their soapbox pontificating and attacking.  They’re evangelical in spreading their message which is ironic considering how much contempt they hold for true Evangelicals; my advice…avoid these people like they have head lice.


  1. Liberals co-op language.  Dr. Grace Vuoto summarized it best:  “Once we recognize that the liberal revolution always begins with words, we are armed to counter it. Hence, notice that killing babies in the womb is called “choice”; redistributing wealth is called “equality”; natural fluctuations in the earth’s atmosphere is called “climate change”; debauchery is sanitized as “addiction” or sanctioned as “partying”; propaganda or indoctrination is called “sensitivity training”; thought and speech control is called “political correctness”; illegal immigrants are “undocumented workers”; and corrupting the youth is called “sex education.” In addition, racism which means believing in the biological inferiority of ethnic groups is bandied about so frequently that even patriotism—national pride—is labeled “racist.” This is the ultimate in collective self-flagellation as liberals ultimately seek to destroy all ties that bind humans together organically, in preference for the controlling power of an impersonal bureaucracy.”


  1. Closet Liberals.  Like the KKK (founded by Democrats) members, who hide behind masks, most Liberals downplay their liberalism to appear more main-stream. This is an effort to distance themselves from the unabashed Liberals who burn our flag, ban our Pledge, betray our allies and root for our enemies at every turn.  This is the dark side, the team that booed God at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. While some will claim this was merely the fringe extremist portion of the Democrat Party, you’ll never hear Liberals denounce their own.  You also never heard that the 5 most recent mass murder shootings in America were carried out by progressive liberal Democrats.  Check the facts about the shooters at Fort Hood, Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Colorado movie-theater, and Newtown.  Liberals argue that guns are the problem, so let’s ban all Liberals from owning guns.  Is it any wonder why so many Liberals are closet Liberals… if only we could lock that closet.


     10.  Liberal Logic, the definition of oxymoron.  One of the most frustrating aspects in dealing with Liberals is trying to follow their logic.  Don’t try, your head will explode.  Compare with conservatives:  When arguing a point, your average conservative mind compiles evidence from credible, verifiable sources, building logical supporting arguments.   Liberals on the contrary, start with a conviction, accept whatever nonsense is aligned with their point then tie together unrelated points, including the victim story to support their conclusion.  Look up Liberal Logic 101 for amusing examples. The following are some of my favorite examples from Conservapedia:

  • No matter what happens in the weather, global-warming must have caused it.
  • If a crime is committed against a member of a predominantly Democrat group, then it’s a hate crime; if committed against a member of a mostly Republican group, then it is not.

• Claiming that increasing taxes must increase government revenue, when often people just work less and revenues decline.

• Failing to respect and sometimes utterly disrespecting (such as in flag desecration) the United States of America in general, they

continue their residency and actively demand the benefits and liberties that come with being a citizen.

Cherry-picking Democracy: Liberals will laud the wisdom of the people when democracy produces a liberal result,

but when it produces a conservative result, liberals will complain about Mobocracy and demand judicial activism.


         Feel free to add your own examples to the list. I’ll include your comments in the next blog.

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Please join in the fun and send us your ideas.


Obama Keeps Promises: How It Affects You

Obama Keeps Promises

Five days before becoming President, Obama promised he would “Fundamentally Change America”.

A tsunami of new rules issued by the White House will soon hit the economy and affect your private life.   The Obama administration’s socialist agenda is destined to control every aspect of your life from an all-powerful centralized federal government.

And how does that affect me, you say?

Washington’s regulatory excess is running wild.  During the last week of Nov., 2013, Seventy-seven (77) new final regulations were published in the Federal Register and then followed quickly and quietly by ninety-five (95) more during the first week of December.   That’s a new regulation every 1 hour and 46 minutes!  And, he has 3 more years in office.

The Environmental Protection Agency alone will be responsible for 134 new rules issued by the White House in its late 2013 “regulatory dump”.

Obama promised to stop coal-fired power plants and replace with higher cost so-called green energy sources.  In 2014 more emission regulations are to be put on existing fossil-fueled power plants.  This will eventually drive them out of business.   Obama promised higher energy bills for you.

Ah, but not all this regulatory push is just for wicked burners of fossil fuel.  If you have property where water puddles in a hard rain… the EPA might want to talk to you.

The EPA is pushing for a rule that would expand the definition of “waters of the U.S”.  This could be the largest expansion of EPA regulatory authority ever.  If enacted, the EPA would be free to regulate virtually every body of water in the U.S., including private and public lakes, ponds and streams… as on grazing, farming, recreational, virtually on any land.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, with its long history of highlighting Washington’s regulatory excesses, estimates that the Government regulatory machine already costs the private economy 1.8 trillion dollars a year (yep… that ‘s TRILLION) .

What is the dollar figure that can be placed on the loss of private land if this definition of “waters of the U.S.” is expanded by this federal regulatory apparatus that has long been out of control, killing growth and jobs.   What will become of private property… no longer private property?   Share the wealth.  Another Obama promise kept?

The 2014 and 2016 elections are critical to the direction of our beloved U.S.A.   Talk to everyone you meet … start a conversation, tell a story, briefly… start their mind thinking.     Don’t be Silent.  ___________________________________________________________________________________

Rose Marie Rauschkolb                               

December 13, 2013

Clowns of the Republican Party

Clowns of the Republican Party

Send in the clowns!  Pull the rug from under him and watch him fall… how hilarious!  Ha, ha, ha.

Well that’s what the Republican Party did to Republican Tea Party candidate Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia Governor’s race.  The GOP pulled the funding rug from under Cuccinelli and now the Democrats are laughing all the way to the Virginia Governor’s mansion!

Cuccinelli was steadily soaring ahead by pounding on the miserable ObamaCare law and had closed a 10-point gap despite little funding and an Obama-funded fake Libertarian candidate that took away some Republican votes.

Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe, his polls falling, had called in the campaigner-in-chief, Obama.  Together they heaped scorn on Cuccinelli for being part of the “extreme faction” of the GOP and for supporting GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s attempt to defund ObamaCare, which shut down the Government.  Virginia was hit hard by the shutdown.   However, despite association with the Tea Party or government shutdown… none of this seemed to deter the voters from Cuccinelli… he was gaining fast, on a roll, in the zone!

On Oct. 1 the GOP “establishment”, embarrassed by media criticism over the government shutdown (?), pulled the funding “rug” on Cuccinelli.   Ironically, that was the day of the miserably failed ObamaCare website launch!   Plus it was just as Virginia voters began to get cancellation notices in the mail from their health care companies.   Perfect storm for a Republican victory!

After Cuccinelli lost his GOP funding, in the crucial final weeks, Democrats ran TV ads against Cuccinelli 10 to 1.  Cuccinelli had little time left to raise enough money on his own to fight back.  He lost by only 2 points.

This is not funny for the people of Virginia.  However, the Democrats are laughing…  Ha, ha, ha… all the way to the Virginia Governor’s mansion!

Rose Marie Rauschkolb

The Mattress and Obamacare: A Teachable Moment, By Rose Rauschkolb

The Mattress and ObamaCare:   A teachable moment

It was time, so off to Sears hubby and I went to purchase a new mattress.  We wanted to apply a credit to the purchase and this took the expertise of several clerks to work out on the computer.  During this process, they remarked that each had had their hours cut and would not be in the store on certain days.

I asked, “Was that because of the ObamaCare law? “

Oh, I don’t think so.  I don’t think that ObamaCare health thing passed.” one Clerk replied.

Then I said, “Oh yes, it did pass!  The Democrats passed it when no one was looking…  at 11 o’clock on Christmas Eve 2010, first year Obama was in office …  before the Republicans took over the House of Representatives the following year.  It’s been the law of the land since 2010 and just now being implemented.”

The Clerks looked at each other and back at us.  “I didn’t know that,” “said one.   “Neither did I,” said the other.  They stopped still.

YIKES… two ‘un-informed’ voters!  They looked like deer in the headlights.  Whack!

I continued, “Well, a lot has happened since Obama got elected and we are just starting to see the results of his big-government policies of ‘Change’.

Huh,” muttered one.   “Yeah,” murmured the other.

To wrap up the lesson and get on with the mattress purchase, I wistfully and slowly said, “Ah yes…  elections are important…  they do have consequences. “

It was a teachable moment.

You too can help wake up the apathetic and un-informed voters…   one by one, day by day!  Take advantage of small teachable moments at the grocery store, the post office, restaurant, exercise club, hairdresser, neighbors, etc., etc.

How?  Gently and with a kind and polite voice drop one ‘thought’ into their heads.  Then leave it.  Don’t overdo it… avoid the soap box.   Just leave them with one thing to think about… to start their mind motor moving.   Yes, you can make a difference in the 2014 elections… one little conversation at a time.

The question is… will you help?  Please don’t be silent.  Silence is consent.


Rose Marie Rauschkolb     –   November 7, 2013

Why Republicans Are Losing: By Rose R.


Rose R. Responds to RED STATE Article Below

   My own thinking is growing farther and farther from the Republican establishment.  WHY?  I no longer am enthused to follow the National Republican establishments’ recommendations for support and campaigning for  establishment candidates.  Of course, I know that sitting home hands the election to the Democrats, but then, with the Republican establishment, when they win, they lose by compromise of basic Republican principles later.  This has demoralized the base. 

    I wish BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee, Broward County, Florida)  and the local Republican Clubs future success… BUT….

    I see ONLY the Tea Party Conservative candidates stand up for TRUTH – Republican Principles (well,  most of the time – nobody’s perfect).   So, I have decided that I will only work and support  LOCAL Conservative candidates for LOCAL positions, elected or appointed.  We Republicans must start building from the ground up…build a firm conservative foundation locally if we are to save this country. 

    We need to search out, find, and support local candidates.  That should be the ONLY focus for Broward Republicans.   Forget National election candidates, we are too outnumbered by voting statistics to win in Broward county, but we CAN WIN locally, keep winning, building a base and then…  Read on. 

    However we have a problem…  Could it be that our many past  Broward U.S. Representative candidates find that it is much more sexy and glamorous to be a candidate for the NATIONAL elections, than lowly local elections?  They want to be elected directly to Washington D. C. and skip all the grunt work here at home.  It’s perhaps not glamorous to work locally to  learn the ropes, build a network of supporters, establish that they can write good legislation, establish a  voting record, etc.     

     WAKE UP !  Before you ask us to work to send you to D. C.   First win an election!    1.  a city position  2.   then move on to a County position 3.  then on to a State position.  THEN after becoming seasoned,  3. possibly move on to the National stage.   

     Until you do this, we, your local workers and  supporters have no idea HOW you “first-elect-me-to-D.C. then-you-will-know-what-you-have” candidates will govern.   This does not sit well with local precinct workers. 

      How can you get elected until you build LOCALLY a broad loyal base among the Republicans and Independents and conservative Democrat voters  By doing so, you will have proved you have legislative credentials, proved you are “the right stuff”.  People will flock to work on your campaign.  But, you must start locally.   All the GREAT ones did it this way…  building and broadening their loyal base with dedicated supporters, a reliable funding base and such.     

     The Democrats have learned this “local-first” method  and they make their candidates do this local unglamorous grunt work – and they WIN elections!   Broward used to be Republican and was taken over by Democrats… one seat at a time.  Our Broward Republican candidates just jump in and run on passion and hope!  Always a day late and dollar short – NO foundation on which to win!  The good Republican candidates have their heart in the right place, but not their rational, logical brains!  They  have not studied the history of “how to win elections”!   Shortcuts have never worked.  Waste of time and energy and very demoralizing to the local Republican base.  And, RPOF and National Republican Party will not support financially what is a losing campaign of a National candidate in Broward.  

      First turn the tide within Broward to Republican dominance, but winning local elections – one local city election at a time!   Become powerful locally.   Learn how it works… and win it all eventually… a long road, but doable.  

      Speaking just for myself,  I will only work on very local candidate seats starting within areas that are winnable by voting demographics.  AND, sadly many other good Republicans I have talked to, feel the same way.    

       Rose R.



Friday, July 26, 2013

The Ephialtes Establishment in the Republican Party

By: Erick Erickson (Diary)  |  July 26th, 2013 at 04:30 AM |  60

I can see how the GOP loses in November of 2014. The establishment and base have moved so far apart the base is about ready to go third party or sit at home. If the GOP does not make a stand against Obamacare, they will not see the energy they need to effectively compete in 2014.

Let me explain what is happening and what will happen.

Karl Rove’s Crossroads group commissioned a poll by North Star Opinion Research. The poll found most Americans do not want the GOP to block “health care reform.” That’s right, Crossroads repeatedly called Obamacare “the healthcare reform law” and was shocked to find people oppose stopping reform. Go figure.

But that poll has been circulated to Republican leaders and they have soiled themselves over it. That is why Mitch McConnell will not support Mike Lee’s strategy to draw a line in the sand against funding Obamacare. That is why John Cornyn withdrew his name from Mike Lee’s letter. That is why Richard Burr of North Carolina calls defunding Obamacare “stupid.”

These men are about power, not principle. They’ve chosen to let polls lead them instead of leading people.

Already, Byron York is out with a piece saying the GOP will not defund Obamacare. Next we will most likely see Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal write one of her semi-regular hit pieces on Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the conservatives who want to stand their ground.

Then we will see Jenn Rubin begin another hyperbole laden attack on Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz.

The actual editorial page of the Wall Street Journal will chime in to yet again attack the Hobbits for daring to stand on principles. The Democrats will then dangle the shiny object of the Keystone Pipeline before the GOP. Like dogs scrambling for scraps at the table, the GOP will take it and their editorial friends will hail this as a grand bargain worth taking. Pay no attention to Obamacare being implemented.

We have seen this before. The GOP leadership will cave and dazzle the base with shiny objects. They will then send out fundraising letters in courier type telling you to stand with them and send them money if you want Obamacare defunded.

Leonidas and three hundred Spartans held the pass at Thermopylae against overwhelming Persian odds until Ephialtes betrayed them and led the Persians on a path around. If the Republican Establishment were in Greece, they’d stand with Ephialtes. So desperate are they to regain power, the Republican Establishment will be led by those who promised President Romney and spent hundreds of millions of dollars getting the status quo.

The Idiot: By Charles Robertson, Broward Tea Party Co-founder

The Idiot

By Charles Robertson, Broward Tea Party Co-founder

As I was walking through the parking lot, I noticed a license plate that said “Idiot”.  I stopped in my tracks and thought for a moment. Yes this person was clearly an idiot; they had paid extra to proclaim that title.  What struck me is how we are all defined.  My bumper sticker says Broward Tea Party; “that’s me, political activist”.  If we’re not labeled by our careers, then it’s our hobby or whatever we do with our free time that usually labels us.   But for me, political activism is just a small part of who I am.  I think its part of my civic duty and an important part of being a well-rounded person.  “Don’t we all have this responsibility?”  I’ve been thinking about American’s apathy toward politics and civic duty, wondering what has happened to us. 

The Tea Party movement is understood by most as a spearhead force to counter liberalism.  At our rallies, we hear the honking horns of support from others who see Us as the answer, but not themselves.  We wear the title of activist which is something most people shun.  They share our feelings of contempt for corrupt, greedy politicians.  They share our fear of financial meltdown.  They share our frustration at the continual onslaught of scandals and government gone wild.  In fact, they share everything except our commitment and willingness to get involved!   Their bumper stickers say soccer mom or I’d rather be fishing; that’s their identity.  “Let the political activists fight the political battle, that’s our thing right?”

For many people, the act of voting is where their civic duty ends.  Sadly for our country, there’s a large percentage that fail to meet even this minimal threshold.  Voter turnout in Broward County’s last local election was 8.14%… less than 1 in 12 voters showed up!  Then there are those who vote but always vote R or D regardless of the candidates or their platforms.  Maybe, they’re too lazy to take the time to learn about the candidates.  Maybe, they’re comfortable believing they are supporting a philosophy.  Regardless of the reason, I’d prefer they join the group that doesn’t vote.  Voting carries a responsibility to invest some time to learn who the candidates are and what they stand for.  Civic duty calls for more than just the act of voting; it calls for people to stand up for causes that are important to them (or should be), to send a message to their Representative or Senators.  This type of civic involvement has been declining for decades.

I’ve measured the decline in the number of displayed flags. There was a time in my neighborhood in Miami in the 60’s, it  seemed everyone displayed the flag on holidays;  that included the new influx of Cuban refugees who were eager to fit in and show their patriotism.  In broken English, they would join in at school as we recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang “God Bless America”.  Patriotism was instilled.  Then came the 70’s and our flag was being burned in protests by fellow Americans.  Our generation, the “Baby Boomers”, had turned civic duty into a counter-culture attack on the system.  Bumper stickers said, “Make Love not War” and “Flower Power”.  Blaming America was cool and patriotism was suddenly passé.  Last Memorial Day, I was hard pressed to find any flags flying in the neighborhood. To me, it was  a symbol of our civic decline and a culture that takes it all for granted.  The entitlement culture has taken hold… let’s all coexist.

Politically speaking, we’ve developed a society that doesn’t know, doesn’t care, and doesn’t care to know.  When you add those traits together, you end up with elected officials like Alcee Hastings.  Hastings, a former Federal Judge, was convicted of soliciting a bribe and committing perjury during his trial.  The House Judiciary Committee approved seventeen articles of impeachment against Hastings which should have sealed his fate and ended his political career.  Four years later in 1992, Hastings was elected to Congress in Florida’s Twenty-Third Congressional District.  OK, for those who would vote for someone like Hastings, and there are plenty more like him, let’s break this down in real simple terms.  People elect criminals.  Elected criminals corrupt the system.  People get used (polite term)…People blame government.  People re-elect the criminal 10 times no less. This is stunning, unbelievable, ridiculous, and totally emblematic of the real problem.  People succumb to the smooth talking con man again and again; character means nothing.  It’s a form of masochism really, victims who complain about being victimized while making sure the victimizer stays put.  The problem here is people.  People who are just bright enough to find their way to the polls yet not quite sharp enough to understand how they’re being played. 

“So how do you reach the uninformed and apathetic?”  I think we’ve tried many of the traditional methods, now I think it’s time for the unconventional approach.  Something targeted at the youth and at the very groups that Liberals dominate.  We need something creative, something unexpected that will shake things up.  I’m thinking bold, newsworthy, edgy, surprising, and most important – something that delivers our message with impact… memorable! This is where you, the brains of this operation come in.  You’re the idea person and a great idea can lead to a great plan that can accomplish great things.  The time has never been better to stir up support and awaken those who simply need a push.  So bring it on, whatever your idea may be, an event, a head turning eye-opening billboard, a flash mob parade, a viral video. OK, now you see why I need your help.  Send your ideas to me, no matter how crazy they seem.  I’ll sort them out, confer with our BTP leaders and announce a winning plan of action in the next blog.  Send ideas to: and for the subject use IDEA.  Looking forward to what we can create, thanks.

The Undecided: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder Broward Tea Party

The Undecided: By Charles Robertson, Co-founder Broward Tea Party

After the last presidential candidate debate, TV coverage on FOX and CNN shifted to focus groups of undecided voters.  My thought was, “how in the world can people be undecided at this point?”  The two candidates, Obama and Romney, are ideological opposites. What are these people looking for in the debate; style points, a slip of the tongue, maybe some free special offers?  I have a beef with these people and some explanations that they won’t like.

The first explanation is laziness; they simply won’t make the effort to learn what the candidate’s platforms are. Their approach is, skip the work and go straight to the Cliffs Notes – the debates.   This superficial judgment process ignores the fundamental differences and focuses on the fluff.  To these undecided voters, all politicians are the same and whoever looks, sounds, and acts the most presidential wins!  Many of these undecided voters will tell you they’re looking to see how the candidates respond to voter questions.  Really! I’ve yet to hear anything from either candidate that they haven’t said before.  Every question has been anticipated and answered with a canned response that has been crafted by focus groups and a team of PR experts. This may be new to our undecided voters, but only because they’ve just joined the game.

Another reason there are fence-sitters is that they like to feel politically important.  These people relish the attention as if their single vote would create victory.  They enjoy talking, usually armed with superficial talking points, about the pros and cons of each candidate.  Maybe they want others to plead with them for their vote, maybe they enjoy appearing to be an even-handed centrist, or maybe these are the type of people who just can’t make a decision. 

No one can argue the importance of the debates.  Romney’s poll numbers took off after the first debate.  It was as if millions of Americans saw him for the first time.  “Where were these people during the primary?”  Apparently, Americans like the spectacle of debate, as if it were just another reality TV show.  In Round One, Mitt Romney did a great job of laying out the president’s record.  What I find amazing though, is that we’ve all been living with that record for the past 3 ½ years.  Do Americans need someone to condense our history and feed it back to us in bullet points?  It scares me to think how fragile a candidate’s campaign is when one verbal blunder can conceivably destroy their chances.  How easily the masses can overlook a candidate’s experience, record, and political philosophy. 

My final theory on undecided voters is simple; they’re bandwagon-jumpers.  They want to wait until the last minute so they can side with the most likely winner.  The “Strong Horse Principle” comes into play; people are drawn to winners because that makes them feel like a winner.  Many among us are attracted to a movement that is gaining momentum.  For these emotionally invested individuals, their underlying reason for their vote is as simple as – “it felt right.”  If pressed, they’ll offer various reasons, but really they’re just following their heart.

As Election Day draws near, I suppose I should temper my frustration with the reality that is unfolding.  Those same independents that were swayed by the hope and change of 2008 are now shifting to Romney.  I believe Romney will win by a 3-4 point margin and we’ll be faced with a new challenge.  Assuming I’m correct, the next Tea Party challenge will be holding our next group of politicians to deliver on their promises, to do the hard work that needs to be done.  The Tea Party needs to continue to press on to elect more conservatives that represent our core values.  We need a congressional majority to deliver a balanced budget, restore fiscal responsibility, and secure our future.  I hate to be a pessimist, but I’ve seen this happen before.  Conservatives gain power and Tea Party interest declines as most people think the work is done.  This will be the time when the Tea Party needs to grow and push harder than ever to forward our agenda.  We will finally have a sympathetic leadership that can accomplish our work.  This will only happen if we keep the heat on.

We need to make the most of our time and work smart.  Towards that goal, in my last blog I sent out a request to my readers; I asked for replies to measure our readership and I asked for your estimate on respondents.  There were 11 replies.  Thanks go out to:  David Brundage, Tammy Donley, Melanie Marshall, Lee Levin, Kate Andrews, Jim Weber, Sandy, Frank Sarli, Rosetta Bailey, Loretta Hedberg, and Wei Li.  Based on the numbers you provided we estimated a 47% response rate which means I’m actually reaching an estimated audience of 17.  This tells me I need to shift my efforts to a more productive activity.  The only thing that would have me reconsider my decision is if I saw a handful of our readers step up and contribute some blogs, also.  Seeing others join your efforts is invigorating and just what our movement needs.  We are a team that needs to hear other voices.  Please step up and let’s keep this going.  You can forward your blog entries to: mail

“Our success only happens if committed individuals like you make it happen!”  

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